I'm disappointed with Recreate '68

I’ve spent months preparing for the Recreate '68 protests.

I’ve upgraded to HDTV to better see the bits of bone and brain matter flying from Glenn Spagnuolo’s head after the billy club strikes.

I’ve gotten TIVO so I can relive the momentous moment in history when the cops march out to clear Civic Center Park once the tear gas begins to settle.

I’ve prepared canned blog entries commenting on how these “non-violent” protesters cause their own problems by not doing a damned thing to stop the anarchists and troublemakers in their midst from flinging feces bombs at the police.

I’ve taught myself how to upload and edit video in preparation for my “Denver’s Greatest HITS” package, a compendium of the finest bone-crushing moments from the riot set to the tune of The 1812 Overture.

So far, all my preparations have been for nothing! All I’ve got is a little pepper spray and a scuffed up Code Pink activist. Gee thanks!

RECREATE '68, I challenge you to step up the efforts! Tonight is your last chance to completely ruin the image of the Democratic Party in the eyes of middle-class voters! Get cracking, so the cops can get skull cracking!

[All kidding aside, I’m pleasantly surprised things have gone so well]