I'm doing a internet radio show about the West Memphis Three - questions needed

This monday (Oct 21st) I’ll be doing an Internet Radio show about the West Memphis Three. I’ve arranged to have Burk Sauls on as a guest to talk about the case.

Burk Sauls is one of the founders of the www.wm3.org website and has been a long time supporter in this case.

For those that don’t know about the West Memphis Three, there is a basic summery here

For those who know about the West Memphis Three case, I’m sure you have questions like everyone does. Burk is fairly well versed in the case and could perhaps get your questions answered.

So, ask your questions below and I’ll see about getting Burk to answer them.

Not one question?

How could that quack “occult expert” be deemed a qualified expert capable of giving relevant testimony? Are the Arkansas Rules of Evidence so radically different from the FRE Daubert standard on expert testimony that any doofus with a diploma mill Ph.D. can qualify as an expert? Was the judge who admitted this testimony an incredibly stupid person, or was the judge simply worried that if he didn’t admit the Griffis testimony, some lynch mob of inbreds would string him up?


Ok. I’ll ask those. :smiley:

Philosophocles: where do your inbreds live?