I'm doped up right now, and this is really funny.

The power of decongestants has me giggling over:

It’s cute. And a bit amusing. I fail to see the hillarity, but I guess that’s because I’m not on anything.

Those must be some powerful decongestants.

I need to get some of those decongestants too, because my nose is running and I am coughing and sneezing. What is the right kind to get? I like those cute stone things, but need the good dope (as opposed to straight dope) to make them funnier.

That’s mildy amusing. Little red caps?!
Then again, I’m the person who stares at the ceiling to amuse herself when she needs something to focus on.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Thats freakin hilarious. Why? I dunno.

It’s some generic brand pseudoephedrine, but, being an adult, I took the adult dose (two tablets), when I probably should have taken the child’s dose (one). I don’t have much body mass, but I don’t take many drugs, either, so I didn’t realise what it would do to me.

Goin’ to Las Vegas tomorrow. Gotta be able to fly.

I think I actually have pseudoephedrinein the house. It usually knocks me out, which at this point wouldn’t be a bad thing. Hope you enjoy your trip. Is it recreational, or are you a pilot or a stewardess? Arrive safely, and feel better.

////Suo Na\\

(hugs from)


I have no idea why I laughed at the little red caps, but I did. I think I need a life. I’ll work on that after I leave the office today.

Yeah, I can see how this would be amusing with some powerful drugs.

On the other hand, this is just plain hilarious! (takes a few minutes to load)

Wow. Can you pass the drugs? I think I’d need a few…

Wait… Pseudophedrine? Dang. I eat those things. Oh well.

sudafed is supposed to have a stimulant effect not a sedating effect (see the product info on the package) sure its not antihistamines

There must be some fun stuff in the allergy pills I’m takin cuz on Saturday at my cross country meet I ran 2 miles faster than I’ve run in two years. That was fun.

oh thaat’s funny! maybee I’ll knitt a little redd cap for mmy buddha (oh wait, he’s on my compputer at work - little aqueaky buddha with a lapttop computer, nexxt to the squeaky budddhist monk witth the cell phoone and cooffee).

i’m at homme now, also on coldd mediccation, takingg tomorrow off too. nyyquill does weird stuff to me. damn, I spelled buddhist wrong.

spider woman annd suo na, hope you feell better soonn.