MAD Dopers, send your healing vibes...

My poor, dear, suffering spousal unit has contracted a nasty cold. When he called me tonight, he sounded just a few steps from death’s door. I’m ashamed to say that one of my first thoughts was “Crap, I hope this doesn’t mean we’ll have to miss the party on Saturday.”

He got some OTC meds and he went to bed early tonight. I’ll be there tomorrow night to feed him chicken soup and do all that stuff to help him feel better. But I’m an engineer, dammit, not a doctor!

Please, please, please! Concentrate your healing vibes on Baltimore and Havre de Grace (I know he’ll go to work on Thursday - that’s just the way he is) Together, we can make this happen! And if not, what can I give him to help him sleep Saturday away so I can come to the party alone and he won’t miss me?? [sub]It’s a joke - don’t tell him I said that![/sub]

Healthy thoughts, happy thoughts…

Oh, the poor dear! Do you want me to take something to him tomorrow morning? I can make soup or something!

Vibes are enroute from Brookyny NY, hope they help.

:: Healthy thoughts Healthy thoughts Healthy thoughts… ::

Ginger, that’s so sweet of you, but I know he’d decline your offer. I’m not even going to try to explain it - it’s one of his endearing [sub]and maddening[/sub] quirks. But thanks so much for your offer.

World Eater, many thanks - your vibes are closer than mine, so they’re sure to be effective!

And thanks, cadolphin! Incidentally, once Miss Moose and I return from this weekend, she’ll be headed your way!

Healing Doper mojo to the guy.

Sending cyber chicken soup, vibes, Vick’s Vapo-Rub [sup]TM[/sup] and get well wishes to FairyChatDad Steve, even tho IANA Mad Doper.

Get over it man! You got a conjugal visit comin’ up! :smiley:

Yeah, but you’re from A Leesburg so we’ll allow it.

I hope he feels better soon, FCM. I recco some warm buttered rum and you do the driving.

He has a couple of days to get better… tell him that there will be dire consequences if he misses the party.

Opal, believe me, I will do what I must to get him better. The marina has a hot tub and a steam room - I’ll drag him over there tonight and Friday to sweat the germs outta him! That and soup and my tender ministrations… or I’ll threaten to kick his butt! :eek:

I just hope he doesn’t give it to me - I don’t relish flying home with a stuffed up head.

Marina - not Tidewater?

Not Tidewater - Harbor View in the Inner Harbor, just off Key Highway. We looked into relocating to Tidewater, but the lack of floating docks and a hot tub made it a deal breaker! Plus Harbor View is within walking distance of the light rail stop at Camden Yard, making for convenient access to BWI.

Well, jeez. Here I thought he was just around the corner, and that I could go over and do silly things to you - like untie the boat at night, and mail you bags of rocks. I’m glad he’s not as far away as I thought earlier, though. How far is the commute?

It’s clear that you’ve got your priorities straight; why be ashamed of that? :wink:

Healing vibes are headed toward FCD from beautiful (snowy) Southern Maryland!

What the hell is a MAD doper?

Mid-Atlantic Doper. That’s us!

Don’t listen to him. We’re just called MADs because we’re all angry with Jonathan Chance for being such a numpty.

Mail us bags of rocks??? Is that a Canadian thing?!? His commute is about 40 minutes - he zips thru the Fort McHenry tunnel and straight up 95 to Aberdeen. His plant is just across from the Armory in HdG.

As soon as I hit submit with the OP, I realized that MAD Dopers was just a tad redundant, but Ginger’s right about the JC-numpty thing. So I’ve been told, not having met him yet. :smiley:

He just called a little bit ago - still sounded ragged, but he survived the night, so that’s a good sign.

What the hell is a ‘numpty’?

I know I’m being insulted…I can feel it.

But I’m left more confused.

Careful, dude. Those were the first words Dave ever said to me.