Requesting some good vibes

This is for a friend (and my roommate, who’s extrememly close to him), not for me.

Friday night, my roommate and a group of friends went out at about 10 to a spa-type place nearby, mostly to hit the jacuzzi, etc. I don’t know the details, but there was some sort of accident. One friend is in the hospital - apparently, he has a very high fever from a possible infection, possible brain damage, and serious trauma to his face.

My roommate and the others with them spent all of Friday night in the waiting room of the hospital, and then all of Saturday with the injured friend. My roommate has been back on campus for about an hour since then; I for a while was worried sick when she didn’t get back Friday night, or on Saturday.

I don’t know exactly what happened - everyone else is absolutely fine. The doctors, apparently, are pretty sure that he’s out of serious (read: life threatening) danger, but are really, really worried about his fever.

Sort of has killed the festive “it’s almost thanksgiving break” mood for me. He’s going to be in the hospital for at least a week, assuming nothing (else) horrible happens. Hopefully, he’ll be back at school right after the holiday - and we go to an incredibly small school, so it’s really hard, knowing that ‘one of us’ is in the hospital in bad shape.

Good vibes coming your way, NinjaChick. It sucks when bad things happen to friends.

Here’s hoping he’ll be all better in time to enjoy this holiday.

NinjaChick, good vibes and a heartening anecdote coming your way: About six and a half years ago, I had a very bad blood infection; so bad, that I was so sick, that I didn’t realize how sick I was and wouldn’t go to the hospital. When I finally got to the hospital, my temp was 104.7 and my blood pressure (normally 140/80) was 86/40. For the first few days, the docs couldn’t seem to find the right combo of antibiotics to feed into my IV to fight the infection; several times, my temp peaked as high as 105.3. My husband was trying to figure out how in the hell he was going to tell our kids that mommy had died. :frowning: . But here I am, just fine. Now, some of you might read some of my posts and say “but obviously, she did suffer some brain damage”. Nope. I’ve always been like this :wink: . I will be praying and thinking good thoughts for all of you, and hoping that this Thanksgiving brings something to be especially thankful for!

It’s a good thing I just bought an economy pack of Good Vibes at the store. I’m sending lots in your direction. I hope your friend will be well enough to eat some turkey, even if he’s still in the hospital.

Good thoughts and whispers to the gods. May your friend recover and his troubles become just a memory.

I hope your friend is ok and I don’t want to make light of the situation but thats gotta be one hell of a story. I can’t imagine how a night of going to a spa to hit the jacuzzi turns into serious trauma to the face and a life threatening infection.

I hope everything turns out OK. I’m sure it will actually.

Hang in there NinjaChick.

Sorry to hear this. I certainly hope he makes a speedy recovery!

sigh of relief Thank you for the kind words.

His fever is now down, and they’ve ruled out any possible brain damage, thankfully. He’s a Christian Scientist so he won’t take pain medication, and he’s moved to a Christian Science clinic in Albuquerque (no, I don’t have any idea what they do there). So, he’s on his way to recovery, but it’s going to be a long road.

Glad to hear the good news! Thanks for the update, NinjaChick!

Good to hear he’s feeling better. Keeping the good vibes rolling to you though. Have you heard any more about what could have caused it?

Hmm. I heard something about a batch of spas, manufactured in the Northwest I think, that were incorrectly designed so that the motor overheats and catches on fire. People’s houses have burned down. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how litigious you are, the company that manufactures them has folded.