My friends need your good thoughts and prayers

I’m asking for prayers and good thoughts for two of my coworkers, both of whom are in the hospital. One suffered a miscarriage last week, and now she is in the hospital with (I think) an uterine infection. I visited her last night and she feels terrible, is still running a fever of 103, and doesn’t know when she’ll be released. She is a working mother with small children at home, and she’s also been studying for her GED. If anyone I know doesn’t have the time or money to be sick, it’s this girl.

My other friend was driving to work yesterday in a storm when his vehicle hydroplaned into a tree. He has a sternal contusion, fractured ribs, and a punctured lung. He also had to undergo surgery yesterday to repair a tear in his aorta; the tear itself was small, but was dangerously close to his coronary arteries. Repairing the tear meant that doctors had to crack open his chest. His prognosis is good, but the road to recovery is going to be long and hard.

Also, I’d like to publicly thank the staff at a) the women’s care unit at BMC-M, for their excellent care of L. She tells me they’ve all been very sweet and are taking good care of her; and b) the ER, Surgical, and ICU staff at University Hospital for taking care of D. Your skill at taking care of trauma patients is a credit to the health care professions. And thank you especially, Eileen, for calling our ED every couple of hours with frequent updates on D’s condition. You helped to make the waiting bearable for those of us who couldn’t go to be with him.

They will be in my Positive Thoughts/Good Vibes/Prayers tonight.

Sending prayers and positive healing thoughts to your friends. And to you. It is very hard when you are concerned for people you care about…and there is little you can do.

My Love,


Sending get well wishes and happy vibes their directions.

Doing the same. Good luck & God bless.

Happy thoughts and many good vibes coming your way and theirs.

Peace to you all.

May God pour out His goodness upon your friends. And may He go with you and comfort you, Nightingale.

Prayers for healing and comfort for you and your friends, Nightingale.

Peace and prayers coming your way, Nightingale.