I'm either going to cry, or take a baseball bat to this computer...

Lately, I’ve been having some problems with my computer. I consider myself all right at computers. I’m probably a lower intermediate, yet far from an expert. I also consider myself a calm, rational person.


Like I said in my General Questions thread, I contracted a nasty bit of spyware, called “ShopAtHome” and another one called “SVChost”. Thinking I could just annihilate these little bastards who wouldn’t leave, I downloaded HijackThis and posted a log to a Tech Support message board and someone promptly told me what to get rid of.

Whoever makes spyware and so on should have his head bashed through a monitor. Repeatedly. While having the “__ Objects Found” noise from Ad-Aware blasted in his or her ears. At the highest decibel something can possibly reach.

But what he told me corrupted two of my AOL files, and numerous Windows errors appeared when I restarted the computer.

Then, all of a sudden, the mouse wouldn’t move (fortunately, I resolved this by restarting the computer [AGAIN])

I’m beginning to feel like everything I fucking touch breaks, and I feel like this is the last straw. The absolute fucking LAST in a chain reaction of events that have been HAPPENING TO ME SINCE THE DAY I WAS FUCKING BORN. And everything seems to be getting worse.

I’m tired. And scared. Not about this computer situation. I want to lean my head on someone’s shoulder and cry until I can’t anymore.

But can I? Is it possible to cry?


You want to know why? Because of these fucking pills I am taking.
Now, I realize that my ranting probably sounds like it should not be taken seriously and I’m expecting a gamut of "Your life is nothing compared to the people in Sri Lanka after the tsunami"s, and "You think it’s hard, try being a little child in the Sudan."s, to which I would like to respond:

“Fuck you.”

This is my rant, and I would not like you telling me how insignificant I am compared to [insert someone who went through something else]
I’m scared. I’ve had it.


Not sure what to say to that really. My shoulder is in a different state, but if you have aim, and are able to get it to work, feel free to IM me.

Get out the CD burner and burn all of your important files to disc.

Find the install discs for all of your programs.

Get a bargain deal on a new, humungous hard drive.

Install everything you want on the new one.

Take the old hard drive and give it a flotation test. Take it out on a boat, and throw it overboard. If it floats, save it.

And a mighty fine rant it is!
Can we do anything to help?
Myabe get the computer problem fixed at the very least?

If you give us the exact error messages, I’m betting we can track down a solution for you pretty quick?

I know your rant isn’t just about your computer woes… but it certainly adds to your frustration, and for that, I feel for you.

I’m sorry you’re having one of those computer melt down moments. My computer is never quite right. I have problems and they make no sense and sometimes just go away. If I had a real smart computer person take a look at my computer, they’d see what a mess it is.

So, sometimes when it’s just so overwhelming, I just walk away. Ugh, typing that out sounds terrible, I don’t solve my problems, I run away from them. Sometimes a clearer head can solve problems faster.

Use the smart people’s brains here to help you, it’ll be ok. Oh, do back up your important files, I did that and it helps me not worry so much.

Hey there DarkSideOfTheFloyd!

If you can give us some particulars as to the error messages that you are getting, we might be able to help you out. I’m sure that some of the denziens of the forums will want to weigh in on this next comment, but I do work for the Great Satan (Microsoft) :smack: , and I might be able to lend you some insights.

However, chaparralv8 does have a good suggestion…if the problems are geeting too much for you, the BEST way to get rid of them is to back up your files/data, and then format and reinstall the OS. :eek: It’s worth a try, and a little cheaper than buying a new HDD. :cool:

And for those of you who are wondering just what I do for MS, I work on the tech support side for XP.

TTFN! :smiley:

I feel your pain, my brother.

You watch South Park? There is an episode were they go to the rainforest. The choir teacher is one of those happy upbeat types that always looks for the good side. Untill the final straw.


I feel the same about computers right now.


I want to crush my keyboard… but I need the $!%% to work. No work, no money, no food. IT SUCKS!!!

Pant pant Just so you know you’re not alone.

Spyware’s a bitch. There’s no way around that. Honestly, the best thing to do in your situation is to back up all important data, and then completely reformat your hard drive, the computer equivalent of nuking it from orbit, just to be sure.

It amazes me what some people will put up with.

I know you said you read through the sticky thread so you’ve probably tried it, but Microsoft’s Antispyware program has done wonders for me. Found a bunch of shit that AdAware and Spybot couldn’t find, and will pop up a little message whenever spyware is trying to install itself asking if you’d like to block it.

No, you’ve got this wrong. If it floats, it’s a witch. Burn it.

If you’re using Windows XP, you should probably try and use a system restore point from a date prior to when you deleted the files. That would probably get you up and running, and we can help you from there.

I’m doing this for my neighbour right now. Turns out his HD was cooked. He’s buying a new one, and once I set that up hopefully I can pull some of his files off the old one.

Yeah, i second this.

The System Restore was a nightmare on WinME, but on XP it seems to do a good job. It helped me out of a jam once when, despite by firewall and my Spywareblaster and my Firefox and my antivirus program, i still managed to get some adware on my computer that Spybot and AdAware couldn’t remove. A quick system restore cleared the registry entry, and allowed me to remove the extra stuff easily with Spybot.

Don’t even talk to me about computers. I have been without my PC for over a month now. It started out with my old CPU overheating during resource intensive applications (like world of warcraft,) so i decided it wsas a god time to upgrade anyways. Well, I started off with just getting a new mobo, CPU, video card, and memory. In the inetrim before it arrived I managed to cook my old CPU so it no longer worked at all (note: ALWAYS make sure you plug in the CPU fan before turning on your system.) Well, in addition to that, FedEX is a piece of sh*t company that couldn’t ship itself out of a paper bag. It took three weeks to get the new motherboard and CPU! Initialyl it was my fauly for using my old zip code, but I realized that mistake a few days later when I tracked it online, and called FedEx right away and te lady assured me that the system was updated with the correct zipcode and I would have my package in a coupel days. Two weeks and four phonecalls later I finalyl got it.

Well, went to install everything, and BAM…nothing happened. The new video card doesn’t seem to work at ALL, and even after using the odler one so many problems came up. CPU still overheating and shutting down, windows hates the new hardware so won’t boot up properly, my install disk is f*cked up, so had to wait to borrow a friend’s, it still wouldn’t install because I think the CPU was still overheating. Switched to a different heatsink that apparantly lied when it said it could be used for socket A CPU;s cause it burned out my CPU (the heatsink core was only covering about 25% of the CPU die. :mad: ) So now I bought another CPU, another heatstink, another hard drive, and a copy of win XP Pro and am waiting for them to get here so they can not work when I try to install them.

So yeah, I ahve wanted to do nothnig more than smash every PC I see what a baseball bat to relive my anger. I feel your pain in the very bottom of my soul.

Some of the more serious computer forums I post at all recommend MS’s new antispyware program (made originally by Giant). I downloaded it and it even found something on my computer! Get it from MS’s site and try it out.

Other than that, use Mozilla/Firefox and, like sex, practice safe computing.

Get a router. Stay away from questionable web sites and you should be ok.

As I posted in your original thread, post a Hijackthis log and people’ll will help you out.

rjung, fancy seeing you here!
(By the way, just between you and me, I just upgraded to OS 10.3—and then applied the 10.3.7 update—and it is AWESOME! I don’t know why I stuck with Jaguar so long. I mean, it’s nice, but Panther is AWESOME!)

Now to the OP, my first reaction was to tell you to back up your files and reformat. But I’m a “scorched earth” kind of girl so I’m not saying that’s the best way for everyone. I did that to my PC recently (it was running kind of slow and the hard drive was cluttered up with all sorts of shit) and reformatting and reinstalling turned it into a whole new PC. Very snappy.

Yo, yo! Care for some popcorn? :slight_smile: I always like to have something to nibble on when reading threads like this.

(By the way, just between you and me, I just upgraded to OS 10.3—and then applied the 10.3.7 update—and it is AWESOME! I don’t know why I stuck with Jaguar so long. I mean, it’s nice, but Panther is AWESOME!)
Aw, geez, and there’s Tiger coming in a few months…

Thanks! I love popcorn!

That’s okay, I upgraded to Panther on an old G4 (well, pretty old) and I am not sure I want it to have Tiger. Or rather, I’ll wait until people with similar old G4s report how they are doing. So I probably will have Tiger on this machine for a year or so.

But I did just get my Mini (today! FedEx delivered it this morning! haven’t set it up yet), so yes, it will get Tiger soon enough!

Another comment to the OP since my heart does go out to her (her, right?). I second the Firefox advice. Definitely. I’ve also gotten to the point where I don’t use any email client on the PC (like Outlook, Outlook Express). It’s all webmail for me when I’m on the PC. My sister has always used webmail (never could teach her how to set up a pop email account), and I believe she’s had a few less problems because of it.

That should read: I will probably have Panther on this machine for a year or so . . .

Yeah, we have to put up with you. :smiley: