I'm feeling ribby tomorrow

I don’t know… I just had the urge to make beef ribs tomorrow. I have some rub I mixed up a while ago. I’ll have to do them in the oven, but they’ll be fine.

(Making teriyaki beef tonight. And I bought a whole chicken and a jar of pickled herring. I must be craving protein.)

Why bother, when a McRib is just a drive-thru away right now?


The nearest McDonald’s is like 20 miles away? Besides, I want deadcow.

On the advice of a fellow doper, I made some surprisingly delicious ribs a couple of weeks ago, using a slow cooker.

The trick was to let the ribs sit in the dry rub over night, then line the ribs around the inside of the slow cooker and set it to high for about 6 hours. That’s right. Just the ribs. No liquids or other ingredients but the rub on them. Half way through the process, I poured off the liquid that collected solely from the drippings and saved it to make the bbq sauce which I reduced, seasoned and flavoured later. I then used it to glaze the ribs when they went under the broiler for a few minutes at the end to finish.

Might maybe give it a try… :slight_smile:

You lost me at “dead cow”.

I thought we were talking ribs! Traditional PORK ribs. Yes, beef ribs can be yummy too. But when you start with ‘ribby’, to find out you mean beef - is a tad disappointing!

I leave you to it. (It’s pulled pork day at my house!)

I always have pork ribs. Sometimes ya just gotta have beef.

Have fun pulling your pork! :slight_smile:

Pretty standard term around the, uh, Barbarian dinner table. “Pass me the dead cow.”

Quicksilver: I’ve heard that slow cooker ribs turn out well, but I don’t think these will fit well enough. Anyway, I can’t let them sit in the rub overnight, since I want to cook them today. :wink:

We do make ‘BBQ beef’ in the slow cooker, for sandwiches. The SO puts water in the pot when she makes it, but I don’t. There’s plenty of water in the beef.

I know it’s too late now, maybe, but this recipe is the best one I’ve found. The rub is fine, but the key is to cook them for a very long time in the oven. You don’t have to have a smoker.

I used the last of the charcoal last night for the teriyaki. The plan is to put them in the oven at 225ºF for three, four, five, whatever, hours and then finish them under the broiling element.

I do them closer to seven at 200, but five hours at 225 will work very well. Did them that way last week when I forgot to put them in at 11am.

I usually just increase the heat of the oven to 350 for the last 10 or 15 minutes to get a nice crust.


Heh. I turned the oven down from 350º because the SO wanted biscuits and gravy today. So it was a little hot going in, but the ribs were probably a little cool from the fridge.