I'm fixin' meat n' cheese sammiches!

What kind of bread do you want?
What kind of cheese?
What kind of meat?
What kind of condiments?

You want something else, go to that veggie place down the street.

Eating one right now.

Tortilla, cheddar, smoked turkey, picante sauce.

Toasted baguette.
Cheddar. Sharp.
Rare roast beef.
Mayo on the top, a little mustard on the bottom. A few pieces of shaved onion.

Onion roll
Liverwurst / braunschweiger(sp)
Spicy mustard, vidalia onions

That’ll do.

Crusty onion bread


2/3 beef, 1/3 smoked turkey

honey mustard

Also eating one right now.

Turkey, Swiss cheese and mayo on rye bread.

Pumpernickel rye swirl bread
Roast beef
Lettuce and tomato
Cherry pepper spread

That’s the bee’s knees.

You have to ask?

Mesquite smoked turkey, dill havarti, panini style.

Ham and turkey
Muenster or provolone
Brown mustard
Dill pickle relish

I’ll take one of these, only with baby swiss instead of provolone.

ham (NOT maple, honey or other sweet variety)
dark mustard
on rye (seeds preferred)

2 crunchy whole baby dill pickle and a little pile of Wise potato chips on the side

Guinness to wash it down would be nice, but I’d settle for a ginger ale or skim milk.

Toasted Wheat Bread
mayo & yello mustard blended together
roast beef leftovers
cut in half

sweet pickles on the side
Dr Pepper

optional sharp cheddar on the sandwich. Depends on my mood.

Deli rye
corned beef
Chinese mustard

Bánh Mi. Want. Now.

American cheese (sliced off the block, not Kraft plastic singles)
on a kaiser roll

Cold meatloaf (homemade).
Whole wheat bread.

Washed down with 1/2 gallon whole milk.

Since you’re making the sandwich, Czarcasm, I will be appreciative and like whatever you happen to serve.

~gives Czarcasm a beer~

Huerta’s meatloaf sandwich is my first choice (white bread, though, and don’t skimp on the mayo), complete with the milk. Make mine skim.

My very close second:
Rye bread with seeds
Chopped liver
Sliced red onion
Beer, any decent lager is fine

The sandwich should be at room temperature, but the beer should be icy.

Looks like I’m torn between my WASP upbringing and my 32-year marriage into a Jewish family. Oy!

A baguette or crusty sourdough
Cheddar cheese–nice and sharp! Pepper jack is also good.
Roast beef
Ranch dressing