I'm fixin' meat n' cheese sammiches!

Dark rye.
Banana peppers.

Okay, close second:

Italian roll.
Spicy sopressata (lots of it)
Fresh mozzarella
Roasted garlic spread
Brown mustard

I’ve got a number of good Italian delis near me so I could buy all the ingredients but I prefer the royal-we method of “we’re making” so I just have the guys put it together for me at the counter.

And . . . milk, again.

Crusty ciabatta roll
Black Forest ham and turkey, sliced thin
Avocado and olive oil or dill pickles, mayo and mustard

Corned beef and swiss on rye with mustard. Preferably grilled. Classic Lay’s potato chips on the side. Thanks.

Sloppy Joe on a toasted onion Kaiser roll, with a slice of cheddar melting on top

Alternately, a real cheesesteak. Chopped/shredded grilled beef, onions, and American cheese, on an Amoroso’s roll (and yes, I know that American isn’t the only possibility for a cheesesteak, but it’s my favorite).

That is the correct answer. :slight_smile:

I’d put a vote to banh mi, too, but I don’t think I’ve ever had one with cheese.

What kind of cheese are you putting on that, you heretic?

If I’m allowed vegetables, then a turkey & bacon & cheese & greens & onions will hit the spot. Otherwise, a tuna melt will do it for me.

Kati rolls similarly crossed my mind and suffered a similar disqualification. But maybe I’m wrong, does anyone ever put paneer in a kati roll?

Neither is crazy, the Indians do mix cheese and meat in other dishes (I think?), and the French who taught the Indochinese how to make sandwiches certainly aren’t averse to meat and cheese on bread.

Ham and swiss on rye with mustard.

Miracle Whip

Can I get a huge dill pickle on the side?

My husband makes an awesome Bánh Mi. He uses beef, though, marinated and broiled. With a lightly pickled salad of carrot, radishes and jalapenos on top, and lots of mayo on french loaf. It’s heavenly.

ding. ding. ding.

Carnitas torta from that Mexican place across town that closed six years ago. You know the one … squarish building … big sign out front …

Generous portion of Swiss
Generous portion of turkey
Sweet hot mustard
Plus, all the popcorn you can eat
Just like the sandwiches you get at Domini’s–a Spokane institution.

Freshly baked rye bread with caraway seeds.

Kosher corned beef (excess fat trimmed). Heated.

Yellow mustard and a medium small amount of horseradish (fresh if available).

If I MUST have cheese, make it a very thin slice of Swiss. But I’d prefer not to have cheese.

A Monte Cristo

Rye, aged cheddar, black forest ham, brown mustard.

The internet is one fucked up place. :smiley:

Lawson’s Settler’s Grain
Chargrilled Scotch fillet (boneless rib eye)
A smear of Stilton or Roquefort sauce

just steak and bread

I understand the individual words you’re using but this sentence makes no sense to me.