I'm fixin' meat n' cheese sammiches!

It isn’t in my top three, maybe not my top ten (but I need to make room for lots of muffelatas, thanks Johnny and lots of subs), but this is outlandish and fo’ real at the same time:


We grew up calling this Elena Ruth. Srsly good.

And no one’s even mentioned media noches.

Bacon, piled high on toasted 9 grain with nuts bread, a bit of Miracle Whip and a slice of melty American cheese would be my first choice.

CLOSE second hot roast beef, sliced deli thin, swiss cheese, sauteed onions, on a sourdough sub loaf.

Did you click the link? It’s not REALLY about the Monte Christo.

Dark rye, Braunschweiger, red onions, deli mustard. No cheese.

Onion Roll

Thinly sliced, warm roast beef
Smoked gouda
Dark, grainy mustard

If allowed veggies at all (and I really don’t count these as veggies so much as condiments), sauteed baby portabella mushrooms, red bell peppers and onions.

Go-No sandwich for you!

Toasted buttered salt bagel
1/2 pound of soy bacon
1/4 pound Swiss cheese

I’ll let you know when I’m serving bean n’ cheese sammiches.

Just made:

Wholemeal toast
spread with
topped with
heated and melted in the oven
then finished with

Nice enough.

Of course, another classic is the good ol’ “a couple slices of everything you can find at the buffet table” sandwich. Which usually ends up needing a couple of 8-inch toothpicks to hold it all together.

Gimme two. Roast beef with mozzarella cheese on a couple of kaiser rolls. Just add butter (not margarine)

A warm baguette
A schmear of herbed chevre
Italian beef
A very small amount of a spicy oil dressing
A slice of tomato fresh from a warm, sunny garden.