I'm Frickin' Freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth..

The Air Conditioning in my office alternates between working too well - dropping things down to a chilly 66 degrees Fahrenheit - and not working at all, sending the temperature flying up in excess of 80 degrees.

Right now, I’m just hoping that the cryogenic technology they didn’t use for Disney will improve soon enough to thaw me out…

I work with a woman going through menopause whose comfort is much more important than anyone else’s in the office, so I’m always freezing my ass off, too. I tend to keep a sweater/sweatshirt at my desk for this reason.

The people upstairs get really, really hot and bitch & complain all the time. So I’m always freezing, too.

It’s 95 degrees out. So it’s dropping about 30 degress when you come in. (I think they keep it at 68). Jeez people, do we *really * need to be that protected from the outside environment??? And what happens when we do go out and get hit by that wall of heat?

Not to mention my apartment.