I'm gettin' married in the morning...

Actually, Sunday. But leaving tomorrow for the wedding locale. I’ll be back on Thursday, but in the meantime, you guys can have a “been to any good weddings lately?” thread. :slight_smile:

wish me luck!


Grats, and best of luck that all goes well!

Good Luck, Kiddo!

Smile when they tell you, eat a bite of food when a plate goes by, don’t drink even 1/3 of the glasses you get handed. The day will fly & you’ll sail through it in a daze. Its to be expected.

And save one bottle of the champagne for your wine rack if you can. Trust me. :wink:

I’m sorry!

…that I won’t be there. Have fun :smiley:

Congratulations! May you enjoy many happy years together.

CONGRATS! :slight_smile: Come back with stories for us :smiley:

Mazel tov! Hope you and your beloved have a long and happy life together.

Hey, congratulations from a random message board stranger!

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Best wishes from someone you don’t know.

Thanks! That means so much to me. :slight_smile:

Just chillin’ with best man and family, waiting for time to get dressed and go.

Seems like everyone I know is getting married! :wink:

Congrats and best wishes for a long and happy married life!

It was the wedding against which all future weddings will be measured. Every wedding involves 10,000 choices, and all of ours were perfect . Just sayin’. :slight_smile:

wonderful! i wish you a long and happy and long life together from a cyber nobody.

*"In just a few more hours
that’s all the time we got.

A few more hours
before they tie the knot."*



Well, someone had to ask. Right?

Yes, there are pictures (just got a CD in the mail from my wife’s cousin, with 350 pix; and more are coming). No, you’re not going to see them. :slight_smile:

It was awesome. My niece’s husband is the hotel’s chef in charge of banquets and events, so the food was off the chain. The music (DJ) was great. The ceremony was short, simple, but moving. The toasts made people laugh and cry. Photo booth (a last minute addition) was a huge hit.

The weather the day before the ceremony (at the rehearsal) was perfect. Unfortunately, it was foggy during the ceremony. Oh, well…can’t have everything go perfectly, I suppose.

Hope you and your wife have as much fun in your marriage as my wife has in ours