I'm getting $830,000 from the United Nations "Global Relief Agency"- Whatever shall I spend it on?

Fortune has smiled! I received this sweet missive this evening. What shall I do with this surfeit of funds? Possibly a Scrooge McDuck like plunge into a pile of euros would be in order. God I’m so excited!

How exciting for you! I’m sure that they’ll happily deduct any fees, levies, surcharges, and such from your check instead of asking you for them, and immediately send you the rest of your money with no difficulty at all!

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to make a down payment on a spiffy new black helicopter!

I suppose some people must still fall for these things as they continue to exist. However, with all the warnings that have been around I can have little sympathy. If I ever did.

Wow, you lucky bastard. And they even provide the number for easy identification. Lucky, lucky bastard.

I think this might be a scam. Putting an exclamation point in the salutation sets off alarm bells for me.

This is what tipped me off.

If you received the letter they already have your name and mailing address, and they’re the ones who sent you the PIN number, so how does this let them scam you?

Read for detail

That is where the scam comes in. We need your bank account number so that we may deposit the funds…

That’ll about cover your health care in the coming years :wink:

Stop your hellish lies!! It’s all true, every golden word! They are going to save my humanity!

I liked this bit:

“U.N. meeting held in New York City, USA and the last conference held in United Kingdom, England”

Yup folks, New York City is in the USA, and United Kingdom is in England.