Whoo Hoo! I'm getting compensation from the UN's Scam Victims Fund

Well, it’s about time! :dubious:

They’re going to “feed you with further modalities.” I hope they’re providing the nutritional information and ingredients of the modalities.

I wonder why they think Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom would refer to itself as “British Government”, with “BG” as an abbreviation.

Dammit, I’ve been scammed numerous times and the UN hasn’t sent me one red cent!

Mrs. Doris Jones.

Yeah right, like that’s a real name.

You know it has to be true. The meeting was held in Nigeria!

Woo! Party at Annie’s house!!

Hey, Doris Jones tried to convince my husband that he had inherited vast amounts of money just a few weeks ago. How do I know that? I actually knew a Doris Jones, so the name struck me.

Still, if this time Doris Jones is on the level, we’ll have a huge bash in New Jersey sometime soon!! Yippee!

As long as the modalities are there, and as long as it’s the UNITED NATIONS, you’re gold. Go for it!

You know it’s a scam because the real compensation payments are being made by the DIVIDED NATIONS!

Or why they’d have a “Compensation Center” :dubious: (italics mine)

I haven’t been scammed in soooo long, I’m starting to feel neglected.

Why don’t they think I’m worthy of being duped. S’not fair.


That’s an easy one. They’re socialists, and everyone is a victim, the criminals most of all.

Erm… not quite what I was getting at, old boy. :wink:

He’s an American Martini, can’t spell proper English or smell a whoosh either.

Forgive the poor old bugger.


That’s the best kind.

Someone there has seen Inception…they acknowledge there are Nigerian Scams, but this isn’t one of them.

What’s an American Martini? Is that better than a dirty Martini?

Were you saying something about proper English? Do proper English folks use commas, or do they forget them after gulping down one too many American Martinis?

ETA: Missing commas and a comma where one does not belong = Proper English?