I'm getting laser eye surgery tomorrow...

Keep doing the drops for a month, every hour or so just throw a drop or two in. Every horror story I read in advance had a theme of “I decided the directions for after-care were too much hassle so I ignored them because I have no optical training but I’m sure I’m a much better judge of how my eyes are doing than the doctors that wrote up these guidelines” in common.

I had zero complications but I followed the after-care religiously and excessively. Your eyes will be healing up for a solid 7-9 months. I found I couldn’t open my eyes in the shower for about that long without patting them dry (now I’m back to normal and can open them) and it makes sense…the ring they cut is still healing up. Even if YOU don’t notice dryness do you really want to risk fucking your eyesight up to save a few bucks on eyedrops and a couple minutes of your day putting drops in?

congrats on it going well! The halos will go away over time (i dont have any but like i say i followed the after-care hardcore and was doing eyedrops for like 3 months to be safe)! Careful not to rub your eyes you can displace the flap for that 7-9 months!


Hmmm interesting. I was told by my eye doctor specifically to NOT over use the tear type drops. He didn’t say why, but I assumed it was because your eyes get used to them and then produce less tears naturally? Either way, I followed the doctor’s directions carefully with the medicinal type drops.

I’m trying not to rub my eyes, but it’s difficult, especially in the morning, when you forget that you’ve just had laser eye surgery. “Oh shit, I’m not supposed to do that, am I? Oops.” I may start sleeping with a mask or something. :slight_smile: