I'm Getting Married In The Morning...

Like Alfie Doolittle, I’m getting married in the morning (well, actually, tomorrow afternoon at 2:00, but “I’m getting married tomorrow afternoon” doesn’t scan). I don’t think that it has quite hit me yet, as we just finished THE MOVE FROM HELL into our brand spanking new house and I’ve been too preoccupied with figuring out where the knives and forks are to give much thought to my impending nuptuals.

SO, soon to to be wife, is a jewel among women. Whip smart, lovely, charming, adventursome, understanding, a terrific sense of humor, and, most importantly, willing to put up with me. Everyone should be so lucky as to find someone so unbelievably perfect for them. In fact, when you get home tonight, take a minute and tell your SO “I love you,” and give them a little kiss. You really can’t say that, or show that, too much.

I wish all of you the happiness I’m feeling.

Congrats and many, many happy times together!

Best wishes! Enjoy your special day.


Awwww, that’s so cute plnnr! Congratulations and enjoy your day!

Congratulations, plnnr! May you live luminously and be an inspiration to those around you!


Nice to hear someone excited about marriage. Everyone at work is very down on it, and as a recently engaged, soon to be married person, it’s a bit of a downer.

Thanks Plnnr! Congrats and Best Wishes!

Congratulations, plnnr! It’s so nice to hear of someone so happy. Finding someone just right is not always easy to do. Years and years of happiness to you both!

Congrats, plnnr! May the two of you be together for many happy years.

Happy Wedding!

Congrats, best wishes, happy trails!

You know, my office people were down on my marriage, too. Seeing how as they’re a couple of divorced, bitter old bats, I guess I’ll just consider the source.

We’ve been married for just over a year now, and it’s been great so far. Congrats, plnnr. It’s a wonderful thing to find someone you want around all the time.

I’ve got a tee time at 2:00 tomorrow and will remember to think about you then. Don’t worry… I’m going to let the golf comparisons end right there.

Congrats plnnr. Have a great day and a great marriage.

All the very best to you and your new wife, plnnr from my hubby and me. MorgRandall and I got married 7 short months ago and I do believe it’s the best thing I have ever done. We have had our normal adjustments to make sharing a household and shifting priorities. But he is the light of my life and marrying him has been a blessing. I wish all the same good things to the two of you in your journey!

Congrats—is she a Doper, or are you smart enough to keep her the hell away from here?

Wishing you both luck and joy in the coming years.

Thanks for all the well-wishes.

No, Eve, she isn’t a Doper. She doesn’t have much use for computers other than as a tool to do work stuff - the idea of sitting down and particpating in a message board is completely foreign to her way of thinking. She’d much rather be outside laying by the pool if she has any downtime.

Mazel tov!