I'm getting married!!


Omni: What is something you won’t be hearing out of my mouth? Alex.

Alex: That is correct for $600, select again.

Omni: I’d like to try Sexual Positions for a $1000, Alex.


Ditto anytime soon for this hombre!

In 1968, Masters and Johnson claimed this was the most used sexual position.

What is felching, Alex?

:ommitting smily face sticking out tongue:

My first thought when I saw the thread title: Bullshit.

Second thought: Uh oh, a troll got ahold of Omni’s name/password.

Third thought: Omni’s bored and this is somehow a joke.

Didya have a bad experience at your friends’ wedding this weekend or something?

Sorry Chief, I forgot to disable smilies!


calms down

JESUS, Omni! Give a girl a heartattack, why don’t you!!!

< wiping brow > WHEW, scared me.

Omni is still the board’s "Most eligible bachelor that doesn’t want to be caught"


Don’t scare us, sheesh.



Jesus Christ, Omniscient. Don’t ever do that again.

I quite agree, Falcon and UncleBeer!! :eek: :eek:

Oh, be still my heart…calm down, it’s ok, really.


Ditto sis! Well, actually I went from #1 to #3. My #3 was, oh shit, Omni got fuckin’ plastered and knocked someone up.



Dammit I think I have three new grey hairs now…

Gee thanks guys, I honestly wasn’t fishing for this type of response, just a few LOLs. Not that this is quite to the magnitude of hearing JFK Jr was getting hitched, but I can keep working on it.

Hey I just came in to congratulate you. But you’ll have to settle for my chuckle

I was all prepared to become an atheist! I mean, Omni being taken off the market? That would be proof that there is no God. I’m glad this was a joke!