I'm Getting to Do a Reading!

I’m psyched. A new bookstore opened up locally – pretty exciting in itself – and I asked if I could do a reading from my book. They agreed, even though the book’s six years old at this point. This could be just the thing I need to get off my lazy butt and write those three other books I’ve been collecting a bookcase full of material on.

That’s great! Sell those books, and write more!

What’s the book you’re going to read from about?

No offense intended, but your post reminded me of an ad I saw at a site, similar to craigslist, titled “Discount book! for sale by author” Inside it had pictures of three vanity press novels.
I felt sorry for the guy.
I hope your reading goes well.

No offense. I frequently feel like that. Even though it’s not vanity press, I still feel as if they only printed it because I conned them, or something.