I'm giving you $300...

I’m giving you three $300 except the only condition is you have to spend it all in one day and at the end of the day you can have NOTHING to show for the money you spent. This means no paying electric bills, credit cards, ect…Also, none of this money can be donated to charity.

So how ya’ going to spend it? (Kind of like a bastardized version of “Brwesters Milllions”)

Myself I’m not very creative so I’d probably just take me and a buddy out for a steak dinner then go hit the strip club…

Yeah, I got noth’n…

I’d take my cats to the vet because I missed their annual appointment this year.

Anything that was left over I’d take friends out to dinner and a movie.

Either that, or hookers, hookers, hookers!

How about randomly picking people to go see Fahrenheit 9/11 and Contro Room?
Does paying the toll for 300 dollars worth of cars count as charity? Too boring anyway.
Hire a group of clowns to disrupt the City Council meeting (or legislative assembly of your choice). Yeah, I like this one.

I’d take **Rhiannon8404 ** out to dinner. We should be able to blow through $300 with no trouble at all.

Brewster’s Millions was a cool movie.

I’d go to a nice wine shop, buy a 300 dollar bottle, and drink it from the bottle right there.

I could probably blow more than $100 on a really good massage. I’ve also always wanted to try skydiving… :cool:

Isn’t there some reality show along these lines?

I’d go for a day of paintball with two or three friends (rental equipment), then buy as much quality beer as possible with the remaining money.

Not particularly imaginative, I suppose. Fun, though.

If there’s not there probably will be any minute now.

I also remember an episode of Fantasy Island along these lines. Two women each had a bag full of money they had to spend and the first one to spend it all got something. They each sabotaged the other by planting a fiver in the other’s bag so the other couldn’t spend everything.

Thankyou.Your generosity has been noted.I’ll give you my bank account details and will let you know at the end of the day how I’ve spent it :smiley:

Pay 30% of my initial writer’s guild dues…

I’d definitely go to my beautician.

$170 for the beate neuve and hydradermie facials
$90 for an hour long massage
$12 for an eyebrow wax
The rest for lunch

Or I’d have a $300 tab at the local pub for my friends. Most are fairly big drinkers though - I expect it wouldn’t last that long. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rent me a boat on the reservior, do some bass fishing.

Two really, really easy chicks at once.

I’d give it to my wife :wink:

No seriously, (well, slightly more seriously, anyway) I’d get 300 ones and burn them individually.

The “nothing to show” is the hard part. You have nutrition and an erection for your $300, so you did not meet your own criteria.

let’s see…i’d get dress clothes and convert the rest to cash for this trip i’m about to take to China.

and spend $20 on ice cream.


I’d buy a fairly nice bike, I think. Seeing as how I’m in the market now.

Oh…and I know I’m demonstrating my ignorance, but what the hell does bamf mean???

I’m confused. If we’re supposed to have nothing to show for it, why does Eve have a shiny new bike?

Paragliding seems like fun though. I don’t think I have quite enough nerve to throw myself out of an airplane…

Once you go to the bathroom you’ll have something to show for the steak dinner. :smiley:

I’d take it to the casino. With my luck I’d probably have nothing to show for it anyway.

Take the family to Disneyworld… That $300 will vanish in no time.