I'm goin' huntin'

In November. My first time. Got me a elk license. Either sex. You might say, a license to kill without license. Also have a Toyota MR2. An old one, 1986. Gonna cover it in elk pelt. I’ll have a fuzzy car. If I get a bull I can mount the antlers on the hood.

It’s gonna be great!

Where will this hunt take place?

Near Kremmling, CO

Sweet. Got my last elk up near there (GMU 27, I think it was), CWD area but he came back clean. Whatcha shooting? Don’t wait until the day before season opens to get sighted in.

Weather is real iffy up thataway. One year it’ll be so dry you can’t hardly move without sounding like an armored battalion deploying, the next year there’ll be 2 feet of powder that absorbs every sound you make.

Damn, I wanna go! This place I’ve been hunting the past couple years sucks.

Hornady Leverevolutuion .30-30 (160 Grain). Had a near-mint condition .38 detective special (from about 1950), but since I can’t hit the barn side of a broad with a handgun I traded it for a Marlin .30-30 lever action with open sights. It shoots so well it makes me feel like a Jedi. I pulled a leftover in units 28 & 37.