I'm going dirt biking! Any tips?

So I’ve been riding motorcycles for about 3 years and decided to sign up for a dirt bike class this weekend. I’ve only dirt biked once before, like 10-years ago, and remember almost nothing of what I learned then.

So any quick tips or advice any of you can impart on me before I make a fool out of myself during the class? :slight_smile:

Please don’t go out of your way to destroy stuff, run over saplings just because you can, etc.
Whenever I fly over biking areas I can’t understand all the destruction caused. Vast tracts are turned into dusty mudslide areas for the most juvenile of amusements. Look ma, I’m throwing up dust. IMHO

I assume you are taking an offroad safety class? It’s from what I remember generally a pretty boring experience. They covered things like trail etiquette and trail responsibility. They also teach you to stay on the trail and not run over saplings. What kind of bike are you riding? Make sure it’s tuned decent, there is a lot of low speed idling and you don’t want to load up the plug. I would do some quick refreshers in the back yard just so I don’t keep stalling in class or something embarrassing like that. Wear a good helmet at all times you never know what can happen.

Generally tracks are about a mile long and cover a few acres. A motocross track takes up less space then a golf course with the added bonus that we are not constantly pumping chemicals to make the grass green. While I have no doubt erosion is increased on a track, attempts are made to minimize it. If for no other reason then it is easier to maintain a track if you are not constantly repairing rain-ruts and similar things.