I'm going to Afghanistan!

I leave in a week. I’m going for work.

I thought I’d do one of those “Ask a guy who just got back from Afghanistan” type threads when I get back (3 months).

Wish me luck, and if CBS runs a video of the body of a goofy Ernie Douglas from My 3 sons looking guy getting dragged through the streets of Kabul, that’d be me.

wow. may the force be with you, or some other comforting thing.

you are my hero. :slight_smile:

Good luck, madmonk. Stay safe, be well!

Thanks guys. I’m bringing my digital camera so I’ll have pics. My GF is not thrilled so I don’t talk about it at home. I just wanted to yell about it to someone. I’ll miss lurking here.

Please be safe. And let me thank you in advance for serving our country!

Thanks for the well wishes. I’m not in the military. I do international development work. Most of our funds come from USAID, but we also get funds from the UN, World Bank, and other donors.

We do work reintegrating youth affected by war into society. In Afghanistan one of the biggest problems is that girls haven’t had access to school, so they are old enough to be in the 8th grade, but need 1st grade lessons.

We also do work with boys who need to go back to school, but who are battle hardened vets. You can’t really just plop them back in middle school. The first time they have a shool yard fight with some boy who is just a regular boy, it gets ugly real fast.

We also do work with children who have been victimized by the sex trade. So you can see what kind of cheery experiences I have in store for me. But I’m really excited.

I’ll have internet, kind of, but if I have this much trouble opening the SDMB from DC, I imagine being in Kabul will make it impossible.

Well, then. Thank you in advance for serving world society! What a wonderful task you’re taking up. Good luck, and please let us know how things are, and even if/how we can help.

Good luck! My cousin was in Afghanistan right after 9/11, also for work (he’s a journalist). I’d ask him for some tips for you, but at the moment he’s in Kuwait, or possibly in Iraq already. Darn insane journalists!

If he gets back soon (we all hope and pray), I’ll see what I can get out of him.

Hey bud, stay low, stay close, and stay safe.

I’ll prolly see you there soon enough.

I’m ordering a Straight Dope t-shirt and coffe mug to take with me.

madmonk you have my respect for what you are heading off to do. Best wishes and I hope you have a safe, yet interesting and fulfilling time.

Take care.

Hey Tripler,
What will you be doing in Afghanistan? I’ll be there till at least till May. Let me know and maybe we can meet. I’ll be based in Kabul.