I'm going to Area 51!

We’re leaving for Vegas tomorrow, and will probably rent a car for a day and, just for kicks and giggles (and maybe to see our gallant airforce display their technology) head to Rachel, Nevada, and Area 51.
Anybody have any tips or pointers?
I was considering making myself a tinfoil pyramid hat, and stand naked in the desert with my arms extended. If I get abducted, does anybody have any messages for the “visitors?”

Any other ideas? Anybody else been there?

Well, it was nice knowing you…all the UFO junkie groups I’m aware of say there’s a shoot-to-kill perimeter around Area 51’s supposed location. :smiley:

Well, I will be wearing my tinfoil hat for protection :wink:

I want to do this when I go to Vegas in October. How far a drive is Rachel from Vegas?

I think it’s about 120 miles.
Curiously, the Nevada state highway map lists the road as the “ExtraTerrestrial Highway.”

I was in Rachel last summer. It’s about 3 or 4 hours from Vegas (though I can’t remember that clearly - maybe my brain was vaporized).

Stayed at the Li’l Ale-Inn. :eek: A very odd place, like a trailer park turned into a motel. UFO pictures all over the walls and lots of weird souvenirs for sale. And If you’re a Democrat, you’d better not tell anyone… Nice cheeseburgers, though. There’s no TV or radio, but they have hundreds of videos to borrow, and a VCR in every room.

I only spent one night there, so didn’t go exploring, but you can buy maps and stuff of how to get to the perimeters of the USAF range (don’t try to go any further). Probably advisable to do it in a 4x4. Area 51 is over the other side of the mountains from the town, but I think there’s one place you can drive to to peek over the top.

Needless to say, I didn’t see any UFOs.

Make sure to tell me if my Irish money is still stuck on the wall behind the bar!

According to MapQuest, it’s 147 miles.

One of our other ideas was to roll into town, stop at the Little Ale-Inn, and pretend we have NO idea what the area is about, and let events happen as they will:cool:

By the way, surrounding Rachel, NV, is nothing. Simply nothing. At. All. Zilch. As far as the eye can see.

We came in from Arizona, and drove for about 2 hours without seeing a single soul or building. Then when we got to the very straight road down to Rachel, we could see the tiny little place, in the middle of a huge plain, for about 30 minutes before we got anywhere near it. And I certainly wasn’t sticking to the speed limit…

You’ll love the ET Highway road signs, BTW. I won’t say more.

More information on the Little A’Le’Inn (get that spelling right). Possibly the weirdest place I’ve ever been.

Oooooh, looks like some great basement bar room stuff in their gift shop!

Thanks for the tips, JJIMM.

BTW, I love the name of the resort. Dreamland indeed!

Not even glorious, beautiful desert? :slight_smile:

Harsh, scrubby desert, at a pinch. And some mountains. And flying saucers, of course.

/me wants a postcard.

Hope ya have fun!

Well, if my digital images don’t get erased by some mysterious means, I’ll try to post some pictures of black helicopters, flying saucers, alien autopsies.
That is, if I make it back!:smiley:

Be prepared for a major letdown. Like our Irish reporter notes, there is not much there of import. Do yourself a favor, and spend the money (and time) you would waste masterbating the proprietors of the shit-wagons and take a tour of the Hoover Dam. Much closer and far more rewarding.

If you really want the “Area 51” experiance, put your head in an oven while someone fires a sandblaster up your ass, then tip them $5 and “time-out” in a closet for 4 hours.

But don’t let me ruin your trip! :smiley: (I don’t ever want to hear you say, “But Gatopescado didn’t warn me!”) If you want to know what to expect, click on my wife’s webpage (the little “www” thingy below) and look at her pictures, then imagine them without the cute animals or fences. That is kinda what Rachel looks like. Dirt, rocks, hills and sky.

Damn! I have forgotten to not become drunken again!

See, this is where I differ from a lot of people. Even if the A’le’inn was a total waste of time, it would still not be a letdown because at least I’m still surrounded by the beauty of the desert.

I know the risks involved in such a venture. I know that the A’le’inn has great “suck” potential. If I go in expecting a complete waste of time, then I will not be disappointed.

Bryan - who is now seriously considering going to Rachel, NV

Probably not much of a view now. I heard that the supposedly non-existant base extended its perimiter to include the ridge that had long been used by civilians as an observation post.

RAWDuke, in case you don’t know, that “Dreamland Resort” moniker is another reference to the motel’s proximity to Area 51. “Groom Lake”, “Dreamland”, “Area 51” all refer to the same supposedly non-existant base.

Overhead satellite image of the Groom Lake facility

All sorts of good info on the area is available here.

The US gubmint copped to the base’s existence sometime during the 1990s, by the way. There’s no “supposedly” about its existence anymore.