has area 51 moved?

While watching the discovery channel a few days ago, there was a program devoted to various USA secrets. One of which, according to Nevada ‘experts’ was that activity such as launches, sonic booms, and personnel flights/buses (from the so called ‘janet’ terminal at Las Vegas airport) had wound down and more or less ceased to, from, and over what is called ‘Area 51’.
The new position for what ahd previously gone on there was given as between Utah and Colorado, near Michael Air Force Base, shrouded on all sides by mountains.
I’m not a great believer in alien conspiracy theories ie the X-files, or the reliability of the Discovery Channel but this intrigues me, espescially as various toxic waste type lawsuits have been filed against the US government from civilian employees dying after working there.
Anybody shed any light on what i’m on about?

Dreamland has moved. Area 51 doesn’t exist, and hasn’t for a while–it’s from a no-longer-used mapping system.

Smells covert to me. “Michaels Air Force Base” only got one hit on Google, and the official Air Force web site doesn’t even mention it.


Terraserver has some cool satellite photos of what was Area 51.


Find out the exact location of Michaels AFB and we can find it on Terraserver.

All the fuctions that were performed at the base in the Nevada desert known as Area 51 have supposedly been moved to an extremely remote base in Utah.

I’d read in popular science that It had moved to West texas or something, cause 51 was getting too popular.

Sure does smell covert, doesn’t it? Luckily, these days it seems like any military installation, no matter how obscure or secret, has a possibly crackpot web page about it. (Apparently it’s part of the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah)

Does look like it includes some links to satellite maps of the area, though…

I’d tell you, but unfortunately then I’d have to kill you.

Upon closer inspection, that site I posted previously doesn’t seem so crackpot after all…seeing talk of “alien artifacts” on the very first page just got me a bit leery.

FWIW, here’s a link to a Terraserver map of the Dugway Proving Ground area:


The general consensus among government watchers is that Area 51 was just too damn popular to maintain a secret base there. I’ve heard that some of the testing is now going on in the White Sands Missle Range.

Oh great, giant bullseye targets and Nazca-esque runways for alien spaceships carved out of the remote desert by the US military! :wink: The X-Files crowd is going to love this.

The 13,125-foot runway could be handy for X-33 testing and shuttle emergency landings though.

The ICAO ID for Michael AAF is KDPG if anyone cares to dig further.

A very long runway that appears to be under construction (May, 1995) at Dugway aka Michaels AFB or AAF. The USGS topo map describes it as an ‘airstrip’.
An article supposedly from the Salt Lake Tribune.

They charge to view the archives and I’m cheap, so this is not verified.

The dicovery program I mentioned before gave the ‘new’ area 51 location like this:
new area 51 | COLORADO
* |
michael airforce base
* |
(| lines are mountains)

apparently no-one, such as the area 51 crew that regularly go to look at the now disused base would go near michael because its apparently there where they field test biological weapons etc. Sorry for omitting this info before. poor geography and being english limit my knowledge as to how accurate this map is. Its roughly what it looked like on the program, and I dont know the scale at all, but I do know its in harsh and sparsely, if at all populated area, though if its military owned it wont be now.
make of this what you will if its any help