See Area 51

Here’s your chance to see Area 51 from satelite.

Um, you didn’t post a link, but I assume you mean… Area 51

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-From the Brother Jed flyer-

Hmm… I got the link from the cover story in the SF Chronicle, but the page loads slowly, and not all the links work.

All I got was a “Cannot find server” page…

Damn those alien bastards! Always one step ahead!

Blessed are the Fundamentalists, for they shall inhibit the earth.

We talked about Terraserver in this thread, a few weeks ago. Not all parts of the country are mapped, just the interesting places :wink:

Area 51 hasn’t been used for UFO research since the first Sputniks. Anyone worth his salt knows that the USAF moved its research to Utah and Montana. It’s easier to hide this stuff where there’s nobody around. :slight_smile:

Hide WHAT stuff? The next generation of bombers and fighters or captured aliens and spacecraft?

Sig Alert!

Her secret is there. Victorias Secret that is.

There’s the link and this time I made sure the paste function worked. The above link is active still.