What do you think is at Area 51?

Some people say top secret military planes.

Some of the extremists say wrecked UFO’s.

What do you all think?

Top secret planes.

And toxic waste.

No alien space craft.

On the one hand, probably nothing to interesting.
OTOH, I just had to do an interview type thing for one of my employees to get a higher clearance with the Army (Navy?). The next time I saw his mom I mentioned it to her and she said “I can’t say what he’s doing, I’m not even totally sure, I just know that it involves pointing lasers in the sky to see if there’s anything up there that shouldn’t be”.

So, while there’s probably nothing all that interesting (to random civilians) at Area 51, that’s not to say the Army doesn’t still actively research what’s out there.

I believe he’s down South somewhere.

It’s a test site for highly classified military technology.

Mulder and Scully.

This. No more, no less. And I have always thought so, too. Never have I been swayed by any UFO talk. Isn’t it cool enough that they’re working on fancy new stuff? Why sully it with stupid conspiracy nonsense?

Let’s put it this way: in the extremely unlikely event that the US Government actually DOES have crashed alien spacecraft that they want to keep secret, they’d have to be complete idiots to store them at the one place in the country that has gained international fame as the home of crashed alien spacecraft.

That’s EXACTLY what they want you to think.

Not if they did it back in the 1940’s before the base became famous.

But I agree that if there was such a place, it would probably be somewhere isolated like in Alaska.

Overflow storage from Area 50.


That warehouse from raiders of the lost ark


And in all the years since then, no one has bothered to think about moving them somewhere less glaringly in the spotlight?

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Read “Area 51” by Anne Jacobson.

Disregard the final chapter, however.

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Since the U.S. Government refuses to say what is at Area 51 (they didn’t even acknowledge its existence until the Clinton era), getting a factual answer for this isn’t likely, and would probably violate national security. Since all we are left with is speculation, let’s move this to a more appropriate forum.

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On a somewhat related note, I recently read a review (in The Guardian, not some UFO blog) of a new(ish) documentary called Mirage Men, which claims the US government deliberately fuelled belief in UFOs among those interested in them. I have no idea how accurate the claims are, but what’s mentioned in the review is certainly interesting. I’ve always thought some of the actions of, and stories told by, the US government appear like a ridiculously bad attempt at covering things up, and that the more likely explanation is not that they’re hiding UFOs and are especially bad at it, but that they prefer people to think of aliens than to realize they’re seeing purely terrestrial military secrets.

All this stuff really captures my imagination; I find films like War of the Worlds and Signs scarier than any sort of conventional horror, and if I weren’t so attached to logic, I’d probably have some wacky UFO-related CTs.

Area 51 used to be a test site for top-secret aircraft. But its alleged role in alien investigations have drawn enough tourists that it’s hard to maintain good security there any more, so most of the aircraft testing has moved to other sites.

Sounds like LIDAR measurement of particulates. I had some colleagues in Montana who did something similar. They were mostly looking for pollutants and evidence of forest fires, but I can easily imagine that the military could get information of interest to them, too. Any results from the analysis of the data would probably be secret, but it wouldn’t hurt to much for the public to know what they’re doing, so it’s probably a good way to put that facility to use.

Oh, and while we’re at it, the Roswell incident was a balloon carrying a payload to detect clandestine nuclear tests. This was one case where the military encouraged the conspiracy theorists, because they didn’t want to talk about the actual project.


And there were a couple of experimental aircraft that looked a lot like "Flying saucers’.

Even if they told us - we’d still wonder.