What do you think is at Area 51?

I just found out if you search Google Maps for Area 51 Location and click the Street View icon, it turns into a flying saucer.

Dammit, ninja’d

Agreed. Interesting book.

There’s ninjas @ Area 51?

Prisoners or Security?

U-2s from the 50s
SR-71s from the 60s
B-2 Bombers and F-117 Fighters from the 70s??? from the 80s
the Aurora from the 90s

What motivation could the US government have for not publicly announcing that “Area 51 research has nothing to do with UFO’s, Aliens, or any allied phenomena”? Unless that would not be a true statement.

Yes, I recall reading about how the local doctors get military patients with burns and poisoning symptoms that they have trouble treating because their patients aren’t allowed to say what they were contaminated with. Secrecy rules and medical treatment don’t synergize well.

Once you start officially denying the existence of nonsense, you can never stop. “Well, the government has never denied that the flu vaccine was invented by purple midget hippos from Mercury!”

I think whatever exists at Area 51 is probably disappointingly mundane.

Because denial only fuels more conspiracy theories.

That was my thought… absolutely nothing is there, and the Govt. cultivates the mystery surrounding the site to distract the UFO loons.

The real UFOs (if there are any) are probably in some unnamed hangar somewhere nondescript and unassuming.

Or the secret Arctic base where the Nazis had theirs.

Dayton Ohio?

In the basement of the Smithsonian.

Almost exactly what I was going to post.

Jtur88 Significant organizations within all the governments I know of exist to hide information and deny things. Once they get started, it’s hard to stop. So people have the wrong idea about Area 51? Good. People are confused? Good.

In the surprisingly factual Sexpionage! (seriously, a guy wrote a book on the use of prostitutes as spies and similar subjects. His publisher insisted he spice it up and add a new title) the author (I say justly) complains that too damn much material is classified for no good reason. He cites a case where a report was made up from various newspaper and magazine articles. Though all the information was from publicly available sources, the final report was classified.


Aren’t there a few sci-fi stories where the secondary secret location is in Obio? Super 8 was the most recent I think.


In the 40’s Edwards AFB was just Muroc Field, a remote site where they could do flight testing that they didn’t want to do around Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH. But WP was Flight Test HQ then. Some fictional stores say that the crashed UFO and dead aliens from the “Roswell Incident” were transported to Wright Pat and stored there.

Nosy little fucker, aren’t you?