I'm going to Aruba

Any one have any fun suggestions for stuff we can do?

Avoid getting beach rides from teenaged brothers and the sons of local judges.

Avoid leaving with complete strangers late at night and probably (according the the National Enquirer) taking illegal drugs.

Other than that, I gots nothing.

I did a vacation in Aruba several years ago. If you are staying on hotel row, you can ride the bus, or rent a car to get into town. The town has a ton of jewelry stores, and some good bargins are available. My wife lost the diamond from her wedding ring a month or so before we went. She got a great deal on a replacement ring.
The beach outside the hotels is awsome unless you want surf, hotel row is on the leeward side of the island.
If you SCUBA dive there are many charter dive boats that will take you out to the many wrecks that are around the island. If you don’t already dive, they offer a quickly dive course (1/2 day) and then will take you out.
Good skin diving (mask and fins) on the windward side, assuming you can swin in the surf.
There is a sailing ship that goes out for the day and approaches the coast of So. America, I didn’t get to take it, but I wanted to.
All of the hotels have casinos.
There is a great Argentine steak house in town, but I cannot think of the name. You will see it advertised as the best place to eat on the island. Go there.
The weather is always 89F and humid, dress for it.
Hope you like lizzards…

Find that kid so the news can shut up about it.

The Italian restaurant by the lighthouse is a lot of fun, and pretty good. They have goats because the tourists like them. The pizza with octopus (very little whole ones) is fun to feed easily grossed-out people.

But for really incredible food, go to BooNooNooNoos. Yeah, funny name, and it doesn’t look like much, but it’s one of the best 2 or 3 restaurants I’ve ever been to. And I’ve been to some great ones.

I did a snorkeling thing on a catamaran, with lunch included. Pretty good; nothing special.

Don’t bother with the caves. We’re not talking Luray Caverns here. They’re small, hot, shallow, and dry.