I'm going to Bellevue, WA!

for Biztalk training at Microsoft.

I know it doesn’t sound like much to you jet-setting dopers, but I haven’t travelled much in the past five years.

What’s the weather like in Bellevue?

I can’t wait to pick out the outfits I’m gonna wear!


That’s my hometown! Woo hoo! My brother and fellow Doper is still in residence, in fact. It’s been a hot, dry summer there this year-- I think it was 93 yesterday. So pack light, but bring layers in case it decides to cloud up.

It’s beautiful out there. Enjoy! Seattle’s only 20 minutes away, so get out and explore if you can.

It’s hot. Hot, hot hot! But to a Northwesterner that means anything over 70 degrees (but for the past few days it’s been almost 100). By the time you get here it will probably be lovely, in the low 80s, dry and sunny. Enjoy your stay.

P.S. It’s pretty casual out here, though the grunge thing is over it’s often hard to tell.

Upper 70s to 80s today. When are you going to be here?
Generally we’ve been running about 5 degrees above whatever the forecast for Seattle is.

We aren’t expecting rain for a while, so don’t bother bringing rain gear [sub]she says, hoping to jinx the weather into raining for a bit and making the yard green again instead of brown[/sub]

I grew up in Bellevue, WA!

It’s um, mild weather. It probably won’t be over 90. It probably won’t be under 60. Probably 70-something…probably.

And you might not need to spend that much time picking out outfits… it’s a kind of low-fashion place. (I’ve even heard it described as “anti-fashion”).

i live in seattle.
it’s been hot here with some cool evenings (when the sun goes down)

Do your training in Bellevue.
Do everything else, sightseeing, eating, etc., anywhere else.

I can see Bellevue from where I work. If you head south on 405 wave to the Boeing assembly plant in Renton, I’ll probably be in there.

The Belltown section of Seattle has some good eatin’ places like “Cyclops” and “Two Dagos From Texas.”



Have some fun! :cool:

Well, at least you’re not going to Bellevue

If you’re staying in Bellevue I hope it’s the Hyatt, one of the better hotels in the area.

Where abouts are you going to be attending your training?

Bellevue does have a few decent lunch spots but Seattle is a good time for the evenings, so long as you don’t mind terrible traffic getting there during rush hour :slight_smile:

Also if you go go into Seattle, be prepared you have to pay to park almost everywhere, so bring some cash along (some places do accept Visa/MC for parking but not all. A lot of tourists are unprepared for that.

If you get a spare day, stop by Pike’s market in Seattle and then wander around the city a bit (walking distance to Belltown) and check out Pioneer Square.

And take a ferry ride to Bremerton or Bainbridge Island. Unless you’re a terrorist. They don’t want any terrorists on the ferries.

If you go to Pike Place Market, go early in the day to mostly miss the crowds. Make sure you get your picture taken with a fish flying over your head at the flying fish place. (You’ll understand when you see this.)
When are you coming? Maybe we can have a quick SeaDope convention.

Hear hear.

I work in Bellevue.

I live in Seattle.

And I do mean live.

Learn from my example. :slight_smile: