I'm going to miss being a Dad...

Last night, my youngest son asked me: “Hey dad, are you ever gonna get rid of that stool by the door?” It was a stool he used to use [del]months[/del] years ago so he could see though the peep hole. I told him to throw it in the garage if he wanted. (he did)

It sounds stupid, but I almost brought myself to tears last night thinking about how my boys aren’t boys anymore. Three more years and my youngest will be an adult! Where did the time go? It went so fast!

I remember at the beginning of this adventure my mindset was; 'Alright, let’s get these kids to age 18 in one piece, and then I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Now, I don’t want it to end. I’m going to, I do miss, having kids in the house. I never really thought of myself as the “Dad” type when I was in my 20’s. Now, it’s a big giant part of who I am. Not sure what I’ll do with myself once the youngest one moves out. (Or stops coming over on the weekends)

I use to take a marker and mark my kids height about 1 time a month on the entry frame going into the dining room. We never painted over it when we painted. I gave my house to my son to raise his kids and he still uses the same place to mark his kids height right next to his markers, I loved it!

I used to know a woman who never married or had kids. Anybody who came to her house was measured on one doorjamb, and their name and date carefully marked. She was a strange one.

psst You will always be a Dad!

Your relationship with your kids will change, but you will enjoy getting to know the adults they will become. :slight_smile:

I measured my daughter’s height on one doorframe, and now my grandson’s on the opposing one.

Have you considered adoption or volunteering for Big Brother or some other agency? If you’ve got that much love, it’s a shame to waste it.

She may have been strange, but I don’t think that’s necessarily strange- that can be kinda cute!

I have one word for you: grandchildren.

Like everyone else has said, you’ll always be a dad!

I do know the feeling, though - my older one is moving away in July, and I don’t think I’m going to handle it well, although I’m putting up a really good front right now. Sure, she was away at college for four years, but this is different. She’ll be moving all her stuff out and everything! I was getting kind of used to having her around this past year when her entire life was on hold and she was beginning to feel desperate about whether she’d ever get into grad school… So, yeah, this is a Good Thing, and I’m not allowed to be sad.

But, yes. We’ll always be parents, no matter what. sniff

My kids are 13 and 17 in a few days/months respectively and I am loving this stage. The younger one is still in the throes of teenage strops but not even most days. The older one seems to have come out of it mostly and turns out to be a humorous, compassionate, hilarious companion who actually still likes us and seeks our company. We only have a year and a half with him left before college and the thought of it breaks my heart! Just as it was getting good!

And even though they both still live here full time it’s normal to not see them till past 8 on a weekday and hardly at all at the weekends. My husband I were talking this past week about practicing to be just the two of us again. Its going to be hard. We used to get such a thrill out of sneaking out just the two of us for an hour or two of couple time. Now there is so much of it thrust upon us!

I have to say, I am thankful to discover that this is a “My kids are growing up too fast!” thread instead of a “My kids are all dead” thread. You had me going there for a sec!

When my daughter was born, I asked my mother “When does this low level of worry over the baby go away?” Her response was “How old are you?” I was 31 at the time. :wink:

Daughter leaves for college in 2 months. I don’t think I will handle it well at all.

Our son has 3 more years in high school, then he’ll be gone.

Now I’ve got Sunrise, Sunset stuck in my head, dammit.

I am so there. My kid turns 18 in just a couple of weeks and heads off to college in the fall. I am very excited for him but will miss his presence around the house dreadfully.