I'm going to play Eddieana Jones in a week!

In a week I’m going on my first archaeological dig. Even though I’ve always wanted to do it I just never did. I finally got off my butt and found a place that needs people for a week. I decided that I can do 4 days so I don’t lose too much vacation time.

So what should I expect? I’ve taken a number of classes but none have ever gone into what actaully happens at a dig. They sent out a little booklet, but that’s mainly what they expect to find and what the site looks like.

What type of stuff should I take? They did give us a list and I got my own trowel now. I can’t believe how excited I was just buying a $7 trowel, I was like a little kid. I looked for the rest of the stuff on the list, but is there anything else that might be needed that they didn’t list?

For those intersted I’ll be at theWinslow site in Montgomery Co, MD. Maybe someone else is planning on going as well? I’ll be there from the 17th til the 20th.

Any info would be great since I know so little about this part of Archaeology. You’d think that someone so intersted in it would have done something after 20 years, but no not me. At least I finally got the nerve to do it. So stories, advice etc is all welcome.

And here I was thinking this thread was going to be about an off broadway transexual reproduction of “The Last Crusade”.
That sounds like one banger vacation, the closes I will ever get is most likely a park sandbox but who knows mayhaps a dog burried a bone sometime in the past… well good luck all of us still working will just hope for a nice mummies curse to come out of this ;). Enjoy.