I'm going to Puerto Rico!!!


Yeah…well, good luck with that.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Sounds like fun.

So, how mean are you, MeanOldLady? Are you un-mean enough to bring me back a bottle or two of Ron del Barrelito?

Have a great time. (I forgot to put this last line in my previous post. Preview is your friend…)

Bring me back one of those cute little green frogs. The ones with the cool looking feet.

Tell my family I said hola and that I’m trying to save up money for me and milliAmp to visit this summer.

You should go see Los Expos.

Lessee… rum, frogs w/ cool feet, Amp’s family and Los Expos. Will do, will do, will do and will do. See y’all Monday. :smiley:

Puerto Rico is awesome.

If you wanna really have fun, go into a bar and ask, loudly but innocently, “So, when’re you guys gonna be a real state?!”

Will not do. :wink:

No, Mean, don’t do that… :wink:

If you go there, I advise to go someplace other than San Juan. Sure, it’s pretty and great, but Puerto Rico has more to offer. Go and explore! And drink Piña Coladas… and malta and Kola Champagne…

There is some more information in this thread

The funny looking frog is the coquí, and the scientific name is Eleuteridactylus Portorricensis… or something similar.

A link with sound

KG, two of the 5 surviving species: Eleutherodactylus Portorricensis and Eleutherodactylus Coqui, make the cool sound. Though the ones in my back yard seem to be some sort of Eleutherodactylus Milesdavis mutation as they keep transposing and syncopating the call.

MeanOldLady Welcome! Welcome! Have a wonderful time! Eat! Shop! Drink! Dodge the wild drivers!

And you forgot to tell her to eat tostones and alcapurrias, KG. But I suppose that goes without saying (yum)

In Piñones, JRD? :wink:

There’s also pasteles, and if she can find it, coquito and morcillas…

I’ve been to south of the border many times. The meanie’s family is from Costa Rica, but I’m sick of Central America, damn it. I’m hitting up Latin American island style, baaaybeeee! JRD, looks like I’m hitting up your home town soon. I leave Thurs and return Monday. <whiny kid> Is it Thursday yet? Is it Thursday yet? Is it Thursday yet? Is it Thursday yet? Is it Thursday yet? Is it Thursday yet?</whiny kid>

No, it’s one more day! Eh… now that I remember… I hope you like beaches and things that don’t involve goverment assistance or open stores… I think nothing’s open on Good Friday, and Monday is Día de José de Diego, a holiday (stores are open that day). :slight_smile:

BTW, the real birthday of de Diego is today, but they changed it so it’s celebrated the third Monday of April

Actually, restaurants and “small businesses” (however the heck the Regulation Board is defining that this year) are allowed to open on GoodFriday and Easter – even more so in the “tourist-zoned” areas such as Old SJ, Condado and Isla Verde, if with some restrictions: can’t let the tourist just sit there looking into space, not spending money :wink: (in Metro SJ in general, reverence for the day has really gone downhill). Casinos close on GF but the baseball game (Expos) goes on as scheduled. Malls will be open Sat and Mon, but closed on GF and (most) Easter.

It’s hit-and-miss which government-run facilities are open on the two holidays – and on top of that, “Nonessential Personnel” are customarily allowed to take off Thursday afternoon, or even Thursday itself, and chalk it up to accrued leave (yeah, yeah, so we live up to both Latin and Island stereotypes… ). OTOH the Rainforest and the Old SJ fortifications are Federal-run so they may be staffed. If you have a Hotel/Visitor’s guide, always call ahead and check, and always have a “Plan B”

Do some exploring but this weekend, avoid at all cost the beach town of Cabo Rojo (easy to avoid, being in the extreme opposite end of the Island) There’ll be something like half the population of San Juan mobbing that town in our equivalent of Spring Break and it’s painful!

One bonus: there will be less of the above-mentioned insane drivers in the streets near SJ

Almost traditionally, around Good Friday it rains. But we’ve been having nicely alternating sun-rain-sun-showers-sun.


I’m in San Juan until tomorrow, when my flight leaves at 5:30pm. Who wants to show me around tomorrow? What should I eat for dinner that is typico?

I’m in San Juan until tomorrow, when my flight leaves at 5:30pm. Who wants to show me around tomorrow (Tuesday)? What should I eat for dinner?

I think the restaurant Ajili-Mójili has good (gourmet) typical food. Never been there, but my relatives who have been there give it good recommendations.