San Juan hotel recommendations, anyone?

I am going on a cruise this fall!!! (Shameless bragging, I know, but I am excited!!!) Anyway, I will be in San Juan for a few days pre-cruise. Does anyone have any recommendations about where (or where not!!) to stay?

And while you’re at it, any recommendations about what to do/see/eat?


My mother and aunt go to Puerto Rico every year. Mostly they go to visit family in Ponce, but they always stay a few days in San Juan. The hotel of their choice has always been Condado, I was there, but I was only 10, so I don’t recall much.

If you are not familiar with Puerto Rican cuisine, an absolute must have is a meat dish called pasteles. Some more suggestions, Carne Guisado, Pernil, Lechon, and of course lots of rice and beans. Old San Juan is historically interesting and El Morro is a definite must see.

Thanks, psycat90! I will check that out. Anyone else?