I'm going to RAW!!(WWF Dopers, in here!)

I am so excited. Raw is War is coming to Central Pa tonight. I bought four tix for me and my kids. We made posters and all. Yea, its fake and yea sometimes it tests the boundaries of good taste, but all in all I think its pretty funny. I don’t watch daytime soap operas so this is my soap. Honestly, I never saw myself as a wrestling fan until about a year ago. Now I’m hooked(I can’t get enough of the Rock). Any Dopers fans of WWF?
Critics are welcome, too.

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos

My closest friend is about 25 years younger than I am, and a longstanding WWF fan (which he picked up from his father). Both the father and my friend are way above average in intelligence (as I supposedly am too) and we find it fascinating for the melodrama. It’s also interesting to predict plot twists and see if they work out as predicted.

I prefer Mexican wrestling. It’s usually more acrobatic.

For US stuff, I go with WCW:

1.The Macho Man cracks me up!
2. The Nitro Girls.
3. DDP.
4. The Nitro Girls.
5. Kimberly.
6. WCW seems to have more luchadores (sp)
7. Yup, you guessed it. Them Nitro Girls.

I dunno, WWF just doesn’t do as much for me. But I will give it to them; overall, they have better music that WCW. Especially the theme for Smackdown, and for The Rock (too bad he’s such a dork :wink: )

What can I say, Wrestling’s cheaper than comic books.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I am one of the millions… and millions of teh Rock’s fans.

I went to a house show in San Jose, and it kinda sucked. Some good moves and all, just sorta boring cuz nothing ever woulkd actually happen.

JMcC, San Francisco
“Hear the voices in my head, I swear to God it sounds like they’re snoring”

Polycarp: How about the way the announcers try to pretend that it’s real?

“Oh, I tell you, them wrestlers are tough! To come in here, week after week, and fight like they do. Amazing!”

“Yup, I can’t believe The Big Sweaty Guy is getting back into the squared circle mere weeks after getting his neck broken! Wow, these guys have heart!”

"Well, Bob, the Sparkly Hunchback just got piledriven through the ring floor, bounced off the concrete, caught on the rebound, swung by his feet into the turnbuckle, and now The Left Handed African Beekeeper has him in his patented Wax Job submission hold.

But wait! The sound of the crowd has given him the strength to get back up and pound the crap out of that evil Leftie! I haven’t seen that since Popeye!"

This brings up the main problem I have with WWF. The King (he’s an announcer now). He screams like girl, and it got old for me real fast.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Wrestling: yawn

Yer pal,

I am a wrestling fan, though I like the WCW better. I do tend to watch both as much as possible.

I will agree with Sanibel that the Nitro Girls and Kimberly are fun to watch. But I like Sting and Goldberg the best.

I have been to two Nitros here in Atlanta. Going to it live is cool.

Have fun, I will look for you. (If I knew what you looked like and all.)


Looks like you got to see a great show last night, psycat. I wish they’d come to Knoxville a little more often, though…

Oh, for those who like WCW better, I did too until they became a cheap copy of the WWF a few weeks ago. They managed to hire away the head writers of WWF shows, and so far they’ve recycled more WWF angles than I can even count. I honestly don’t think they have an original thought in their head anymore. And it would be nice to see a TV match go over 5 minutes again…<sigh>
Oh, and Sealemon, the announcers don’t always pretend it’s real. I remember a quote from Jim Ross that went something like this…

(After Cactus Jack and Billy Gunn fell off a ladder into a dumpster) “Well, some idiot’s sitting at home right now saying they just know how to fall right.”

In any case, I prefer it when they try to keep the suspension of disbelief up by treating it as real. And as far as I can remember, no wrestler other than “The Orange Goblin” Hulk Hogan has drawn strength from the cheers of the crowd in the last 5 years or so. Well, maybe the Undertaker, but he’s pretty much stopped that…

And yeah, the King sucks. Give me Jim Cornette over him any day.

Mr. Armageddon
“Just when you thought you had all the answers, I went and changed the questions!”–Roddy Piper

Psycat90, I looked all over for you last night. Where were you sitting?

I guess I must have just missed you. Oh well, maybe next time.


p.s. I was kind of ticked that they were going to make Dustin Runnels into an Undertaker kind of guy, but I liked the angle of him coming out and talking about how he left the WWF to get away from that kind of stuff and they were going to do it to him in the WCW.

BTW, Goldberg is no a rip-off of SCSA. He is an original.

Yea guys. I had the best time last night. My boys loved it. We were really close and directly across from the cameras. about 20 rows back i’d guess. i had an orange sign that said hi dxgrrrl and valllegrrl love psycat90 (my sisters). my kids had a few others for the rock and kane and y2j. if you saw four guys with a big yellow and red sign that said BEER we were 3 rows behind them and a little closer to the center of the ring. it was awesome. can’t wait to catch another one.

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos

I admit it, I am a wrestling fan from way back.

Mister Armageddon
" And yeah, the King suks. Give me Jim Cornette over him any day"
Well yes , Jerry Lawler sucks. He has sucked for years. However, I saw Cowboy Bill Watts put Cornette’s wussy butt in a dress, live in Houston. He was a wuss then , he’s a wuss now.

Egad that makes me feel old. I’m going to take my Geritol now.

Ayesha - Lioness

You sound reasonable. Must be time to up my medication.

Yeah, Cornette’s a wuss, but he’s funny. Besides, he founded the late, great Smoky Mountain Wrestling, which was a personal favorite of mine before it shut down. Lots of great talent came through there, including Chris Candido, Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, Kane (he was Unabomb back then, and didn’t wear a mask), among others.

However, I guess my dream commentary team would be Jim Ross, Bobby Heenan, and Mike Tenay. The odds of that happening are a little slim, though.

Mr. Armageddon
“Just when you thought you had all the answers, I went and changed the questions!”–Roddy Piper

Must be a WCW thang, then. It seems like every episode has at least two wrestlers getting their second wind that way.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.