Oh My God...or How I'm going to meet my celebrity crush!!!!!!!!

Just got the long awaited e-mail from my buddy…

He has scored us backstage passes to the Backlash taping on 4/29.

I am going to meet Jeff Hardy!!!

:::briefly quivers incontrollably:::
I’m realistic and I know I’ll get to meet him and get a picture taken with him but…the possibilities…

And will I be able to actually speak to him intelligently OR will I lose that ability and just stare at him,babbling " Hot boy…take me to your room…can I please lick you clean?" while visibly drooling?

And the most important question:


Nothing. Duh.

It’ll be kind of hard showing up at the Allstate Arena naked…

I know what underwear to wear( push-up bra,garter belt and stockings) but outer wear is the tricky part.

Do I go casual,sophiscated or just balls out slutty?


otherwise he’d think you’re a slut, and you don’t want that…
casual would tell him that you don’t think it;'s anything big to meet him
and casual/sophisticated would tell him that you’re dressing up somewhat, but you’re not overly-excited.

That’s what I was thinking too…

Now if only I can keep my cool and not turn into a babbling idiot I’ll be fine.

True story…the last time the WWF was in Chicago me and my friend Michaela couldn’t get seats so we did a little research and found what hotels the wrestlers stay at. Since she was driving and is a HUGE Chris Jericho fan we had to go to the Radisson.

So we’re sitting there and in walks Jericho. Michaela,who normally is one of the calmest people I know,starts acting like she just did crack. I had to go up to him and ask if I could take a picture of them together-she could only say OH MY GOD over and over.

He was very gracious considering he had his arm around a shaking freak.

Please Goddess don’t let me wig out like that!