hardygrrl's idea of heaven...

Will happen Sunday at the Invasion PPV.

[sub]Bet y’all thought I was talking about something else.[/sub]
Hardcore match between Rob Van Dam-a super hot,martial arts expert and high flyer and Jeff Hardy-Meow Kitty Kitty.

The only way this could be any better is if they were fighting over who got me first.
Not only am I buying the PPV ,instead of reading the spoilers online, I’m taping it.
Just thought I’d share…

Somehow I just knew that it would be wrestling related.

So you’re going to share that tape, right?

After I watch it a couple of times,yes blur,I’ll share it with you.
You just want to see the bra and panties match anyway…

Well maybe for you, hardygrrl, but my idea would be the Bra and Panties match, with Stacey Kiebler and Torrie Wilson against Trish Stratus and Lita.
You win this match when you strip your opponents to their bra and panties.

I think we’re all winners in this kind of match.:smiley:

You boys watch the silicone brigade…
I’ll be drooling over Jeffy and RVD.

A tuxedo match between them would make my head explode.