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Since the ask the returning Troll thread is closed and I enjoyed talking about wrestling I just start another one.


Yep the Funkster is amazing, going to scary with the stuff he does, not that I mind that Foley doesnt wreck himself further hy getting hurled through burning IKEA furniture anymore.

And for the Taker, yep he sells about as much as Hogan, but I am still a drooling fanboy when it comes to him.


Topics for discussion :

**Will Rob Van Dam ever be World Champion?

Just how disturbing are the Waltman/Laurer nuptials?
Best feud? (I vote Dreamer/Raven in ECW)**

Is there a chapel in the world big enough to contain the volume of irritation and annoyance generated by Joanie Laurer and Sean Waltman being in the same room?

Never marry a man you could bench press… :smiley:

Ummm, he’d slip out of her grip and fall crashing to the floor. Not a bad thing.

Has Waltman ever not been greasy? Discuss

All I know is, that chapel will be freezing, with the way Waltman can suck the heat out of a room…

What’s the protocol for booing the groom at a wedding? Anyone know?

As for RVD, I’m really starting to question his ability to be a world champion. He can’t hold his own in a promo battle with guys like Booker T, Jericho, and even HHH. Maybe if the re-emergence of manager-types continues, they can get someone with him who can help him out, like Heyman did with Brock Lesnar.

As for best feud, I didn’t get to see enough of Raven/Dreamer to choose it (but I really respect Dreamer), so I’m going to say Booker T/Benoit for the WCW TV belt. Their best-of-7 series is something that Vince and the boys should look at for an example of how to build a feud just on workrate.

Here’s a question for discussion: is 411wrestling.com the best wrestling website out there?

I think so…but I’m biased. :smiley:

Check the sig… and I do have Flea’s cell # as well…

So much to respond to…

Aside from being an avid Trekker, wrestling’s my other passion. Yeah, I know it’s a weird combination. :slight_smile:
On RVD being the World Champ:

You maybe should’ve worded this differently… 'cause while I think RVD will eventually get the WWE Title, I think he’s going to remain a midcarder much like Kane Chris Jericho have. Alot of people don’t remember the former’s title run and the latter’s nothing more than an established Main Event Whipping Boy sadly.

A better question would be just when they’re finally going to give the freakin’ belt to Benoit. I doubt he’ll get it at the Rumble 'cause that’ll mess up the Angle/Lesnar feud but it’d be nice to see it happen nonetheless.
On Waltman/Laurer:

I’m going to be berated by the people in this thread for this but I saw a recent picture of Laurer and… uh… well… she looked nice. Pretty hot, actually.

Yes, I’m heterosexual.
Best Feud:

Currently, anything involving Angle. I am a huge fanboy. In the past, I’d have to go with Flair/Steamboat and Flair/Sting. Vader/Sting is also high on my list. I’m marks for them too. :slight_smile:
Has Waltman ever not been greasy

As the 1-2-3 Kid, he always looked like he’d just stepped out of the shower so yes. Once he grew the beard though… no.

While I agree, I question your placement of Booker T in that list alongside Jericho. I’ll let the HHH comment go because you said “even HHH”.

If you’d included some of the A talent from SD! like the absent Rock, Edge, Angle, or Eddy… I could agree, but Booker? Gah… his whole ghetto schtick is horrendous. He’s really no better than Steiner.
Is 411wrestling.com the best wrestling website out there?

I’m weird in that I seem to prefer the Torch to all other wrestling websites. The only reason I ever go to 411 is that a friend of mine that I post with at another message board is a columnist there. Otherwise, I’m underwhelmed.

Crap, I meant to add some questions of my own but got sidetracked by an IM.

Favorite federation(s)? Performer(s)? Wrestling style(s)?

How long have you been a fan?

Wait, did they come back, or are you guys just reminiscing?

Foley’s retired, for sure. Funk probably still wrestles… he was active in WCW during its last year and probably went back to the indies or Japan when it was bought out by McMahon in March '01.

wait, I have been out of the loop. Hold the phone. Xpunk and vaChyna are getting married? For real? Please tell me this is a joke. Big-Dramatic-Vincey-Gulp-of-Doom Dare I ask for a link?

God, we need that puking smiley more than ever.

I stopped watching wrestling when i was 20.

Will Rob Van Dam ever be World Champion?

I don’t thing so he isn’t too old and tired yet to make a good WWE world champ, I mean he is one of the best in business, but his style is just not WWE softcore.

Just how disturbing are the Waltman/Laurer nuptials?

9.2 on a scale of 10. But well when its love or so… Personally I fond X-Punk the weirder one in the marriage, and for the record he always looked like a dont do drugs posterchild.

Best Match

The first Hell in a Cell Undertaker vs. Mankind

Wrestlers and Wannabes you want to see in a shot fight?

Goldberg vs. Vader

No joke ** mouthbreather ** . I have to wonder what will happen with their first fight, will he kick her ass or will she kick his ? My money is on Chyna. Anybody wonder what their kids will look like ?

I’m not sure where to find a link to the story anymore, but Jim Ross mentioned it in the Ross Report on wwe.com a couple of weeks ago.

I’d guess HHH will hold her down for Waltmann, just like the old days.

Now that’s a disturbing visual…
And does Stephanie ever call out “Oh, TERRA!” in bed?

*Originally posted by hardygrrl *
Will Rob Van Dam ever be World Champion?

He’s a better draw as a contender, as his mic work isn’t good enough for the top spot.

Just how disturbing are the Waltman/Laurer nuptials?

Everytime I bury such thoughts deep in my mind, someone has to dig them back up.

Best feud? (I vote Dreamer/Raven in ECW)

Tommy Rich / Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer

Some more comments:
Aesiron, I don’t think Edge does that good of a promo either. My favorites are Flair, Flair, Flair (he takes the top three spots), Angle, E. Guerrero, Rock, Jericho, Booker T (when paired with Goldust), pre-WWE Raven, Shane Douglas. Dusty Rhodes, Jake Roberts and Roddy Piper are all on the All-Time Legends of Promo list.

Best Match My favorite is still Savage/Steamboat from Wrestlemania IV (?) or so.

I’d put my money on Waltman. I hear he can take care of himself (not on the level of Bad News Allen or Dynamite Kid, but respectable enough) and Laurer did lose a boxing match to Joey Buttafuco. IIRC, Waltman and Davey Boy Smith fought off the small gang that attacked Shawn Michaels in a parking lot a few years ago.

In WWE? Possibly. I don’t think he’ll ever reach his full potential there, though. His in-ring work is the strength of his value and he’ll never be as good as he could be in that area in WWE. I’d rather see him in one of the Japanese promotions.

My favorite is Magnum T.A. vs Nikita Koloff for the U.S. Championship in '86.

Manami Toyota vs Aja Kong at the Egg Dome, 1994. I’ve watched it a dozen times and I’m still amazed.