I'm going to see Jack White tonight

For me, it’s not mundane, or pointless. But I certainly must share.

I’m in Paris, and I’m going to see his divine Jackness.

I saw the White Stripes eight times, the Raconteurs six times, and the Dead Weather once. I am rather excited to see his new material live, as well as some of his back catalogue reworked with his new band(s).

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Have fun! I’ve never really listened to any of his music aside from what’s on the radio, but from what I’ve heard it’s not bad- any recommendations (I know that since he’s been in several bands that could be a long list)?

Have you heard his ex-wife Karen Elson’s stuff? I have her album and really enjoy it.

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What can I say. He just gets better and better. Managed to get quite a good spot fairly near the front, but just behind the total mayhem. (Why do young lads feel the need to run around and charge into each other at a rock gig? But that’s another thread).

Wonderful mix of stuff from the new album, as well as back catalogue material. Imagine having an encore including material as amazing and diverse as Sixteen Saltines, We Are Going to Be Friends, Carolina Drama and, of course, Seven Nation Army.

CatherineZeta, if you want to find out more about Jack, those four tracks would actually be a good starting point. Seek live versions on YouTube for the full effect. Also highly recommended would be the White Stripes track “Ball and Biscuit”, or the Raconteurs “Blue Veins”.

Love me some White Stripes, especially the early stuff. His other efforts are great too, especially Dead Weather.

The Black Keys are another band that satisfies my simple bluesy garage guitar rock urge.