I'm having a baby

Thanks. We were just getting ready to try fertility treatments (which I was unsure about, because getting pregnant wasn’t the problem so much as staying pregnant was, we’d had multiple early pregnancy losses), so this came as a surprise. We were pretty steeled to the possibility that we would lose this one as well, so when we went in at 11 weeks and my wife heard the baby’s strong and healthy heartbeat for the first time, she burst into tears.

Probably not, I’m afraid. :smiley: We’ve been discussing various names and “Leo” kind of made me think of Jerry Seinfeld’s uncle, but for the past several weeks she’s been talking and singing “Leo” to the baby, so I’m afraid the ship may have already sailed on that one.

Not true, you can just keep them in a loose-leaf binder.

Where was I? Ah yes, congratulations! I became a dad last year and it’s wonderful. I think I’ve smiled and laughed more in the past 11 months than in the previous 34 years. (I may have slept rather less though.)

That’s what I did with mine. Just sayin’.


The 4D ones are the real pain in the ass. They time-travel.


Congratulations! Hope the rest of the ride is a smooth one.

Congratulations. Sending out a wish for a safe and easy pregnancy.


They grow up so quickly.

I remember when you were still in law school. Now a lawyer and a father.


They had to induce labor a little early, so I’m sitting here in the delivery room while my wife goes into labor. :slight_smile:

Hope all goes well for you all! Please come back with an update and PICTURES!!!

Thanks, I will. I went to grab something to eat and when I got back she told me that her platelet count was too low for an epidural and she was going to have to have a natural childbirth. Then she cracked up and told me she was kidding, and that I should see the look in my face. Har har. :smiley:

Regular contractions, had to step out while she gets her epidural, apparently that’s the only part I can’t be in there for, which is completely fine with me.

taps on watch impatiently

You got off lucky. I still have tooth marks in my arm from when the Elder Ottlet was born.

More to the point, hoping/wishing/praying for the best.

If she’s feeling good enough to joke with you, then she’s having an awesome labor. Good luck!

Yea, you do NOT want to see the needle associated with THAT procedure.

(Sorry, needle-phobic person, checking in.)

My husband WAS in the room when they did my epidural. I reminded the involved parties that I must NOT see the needle, but my husband saw it and his eyes went like O-O and I knew it must be impressive. That was pretty unpleasant.

But man, once that sucker was in, bliss! bliss!

Best of luck to Pravnik and Mrs. Pravnik! Keep us updated! And we’ll need pictures to prove that this little Leo does in fact exist. And right sharply!



The doctor just broke her water. That was…interesting. :eek: It seems to be going relatively easy for her so far (knock on wood).

But please wait until the baby is all the way out. :wink:

Go, Mrs. Pravnik, go! :smiley:

Sending out good thoughts!