I'm having a pity party...anyone else?

Flew home from the UK with a plane load of sick people. Went to the doctor yesterday and found out I have an ear infection which is causing my throat to feel like it’s on fire and a cold on top of that. I can’t breath thru my nose and breathing thru my mouth sets off coughing. My body is slowly trying to kill me, that is what I thought at 6pm last night. Fortunately, I can take antibiotics but it will be a day or two before they really kick in.

I get sick maybe once a year and this, I can honestly say, is the worst I’ve ever felt. I’ll take labor and delivery any day.

I’ve no appetite and my tongue is numb. I’ve been living on throat lozenges and tea. From the chest down I feel fine. someone amputate my head please.

My son, whom I fobbed on on my mother in law to avoid him getting sick, started a fever last night at 11pm and hubby just called (it’s 630a) and is taking a day off of work to pick him up from his mom’s to take him to the doctor and take care of him today.


My turn.

 My sleeping disorder is really acting up again, and it's getting to me. My family spent over $10,000 this summer having sleep studies done on me and talking to renowned sleep specialists. All that time, travel and money has done nothing. If anything, it's become worse. I'm unable to sleep until 6 or 7 AM, even when dead tired. Thus, I'm out of school, and it doesn't look like I'll get to go back this year.
 The program I'm working with, Home & Hospital, doesn't allow me to keep the classes I was taking at school due to the difficulty of doing them at home. I had to drop my AP courses, science, math and language. My schedule is all electives, just as it was last year when I had to do this program. Because I will be unable to meet the college requirements for science and language, it doesn't look like I'll even be able to get into a state college. This is devastating because it is destroying all the dreams I hold for myself. How can I become a lawyer if I can't get into college?
 I also can't participate in any clubs while on Home & Hospital. I was president of the debate team, a member of the Christian club, an active member of the junior class, serving on many committees, a member of the social service club, and on the tennis team. All that has been taken away from me. I also can't go to dances now unless I go as one of my friend’s dates. I was also popular, dammit. I had a ton of friends. Now, I only see about 20 regularly.
 I'm being cheated out of my high school experience.
 My parents are angry the situation because they know that if I were at school, I’d be taking hard classes, doing well, and be on my way to getting into a good college. They are taking their anger out on me by insinuating that I am a failure and this is my entire fault. I disappoint them. I'm not good enough to be their child. I already feel like I'm doomed to a life of fast food work due to the current circumstances of my life, they're just making that seem like more and more of a reality. We're not speaking.
My boyfriend of 5 months and I have grown apart. Or, rather, I have grown apart from him, while he has only grown closer. It's hanging by a thread, and I'm going to have to end it soon. It's just one more thing I don't need right now. Brian has been the only one there for me these past few months through all of my fights with my parents and the problems with school. Without him, I don't know how I would have coped. Now I'm going to have to hurt him.

If these are the best years of my life, can someone please just kill me?

Crapola, Lanna. That truly sucks. My sympathies and I got some big ol’ hugs for you. I think that sometimes adults forget how hard it is to be a kid. Yes, I usually look back on my teenage years as carefree, but only in relation to my life now.

It is much easier to see ourselves as better than or even worse than, rather than accepting that we simply are. - John “The Penguin” Bingham

Were you kissing an englishman Shir? HOw else you get anything like that?

Jeez, Lanna, they need to take a reality check here. Blaming you, belittling you for a health problem is pretty harsh. I hope you turn 18 soon. Sometimes the only solution is to get the hell out (it was for me - I was still in high school and had my own apt.), and I hate to say it but they’re not good for you right now.

Won’t happen. You’re smart and not a wimp. You’ll get past this sleeping thing (could be your current family/home environment is contributing greatly to this), and your brain won’t atrophy in the process. Just keep being interested in things - soon enough you’ll have time to complete your formal education and will zoom to whatever heights you set for yourself. Don’t let others place their own shortsighted limits on you…(or their guilt).

hang in there, kiddo!

I am too in shape! :::muttering::: Round is a shape.

Gee, I feel really badly for you folks. I wish there was something I could do to help or to make you feel better. I’m feeling a little guilty now for feeling so damn good lately but maybe I could send some of my joy your way. Would that help or is that just like rubbing salt in the wounds? Let me know if there is anything I could do to cheer you up… I could sing for you but that is just plain scary!


It’ll take too long to retype, but here’s the story of how last week went for me:

Fortunately, no disasters so far this week.

We spoke with friends – used to be VERY close friends – yesterday for the first time in probably six months, trying to work out a time to get together over the holidays. They have three kids, also, and for several years our eldest children were in the same class, until we moved two towns over.

Their daughter, same age as Eldest Son (9th grade) is dying. We’ve always known she was sickly – she has Cystic Fibrosis. She’s been tested and turned down for a lung transplant. She can’t go to school anymore – the school district sends a tutor in for her. She’s certainly not going to be around to graduate high school; it’s something that she’s here for Christmas.

I look and my kids and thank all the powers that be that they are healthy. I gave Eldest Son the extra hug last night. I can’t tell how it’s going to hit him – this is a girl he has grown up with, almost.

And I cried. I don’t know how to be, or what to do, or what to say. I’ve lost my parents, I’ve had friends die relatively young (39-40) and consoled their spouses, my sister’s husband’s sister died at 29 from breast cancer. I’ve lost a pregnancy. But I’ve never had to deal with the sickness and death of a child – and pray I never will again.



Losing a child,whether your own or watching a friend’s slowly die is always a painful thing. My Mom has lost one and will bury the remaining three in her life time of her natural children. That’s if the stress of her shitty existence doesn’t kill her first. Everyone of you out there who has healthy children, give them an extra hug and never ever take their health for granted!

I’ve been in bed all day feeling miserable (massive understatement). Our son has a throat infection and I don’t know how I would have been able to handle today if my husband didn’t take the day off of work to watch our boy. The antibiotics, I think, are slowly starting to work. Either that or the tylenol I took deadened the pain in my throat and ears. I hope I can manage tomorrow so he can go back to work, but I seriously doubt it. My husband was sitting on the bed asking me how I felt and I just teared up. He thought I felt that bad. ( I did/do) but I am so grateful for what he’s doing…

My pity party got a little worse today. Not health wise ( see: Medical runaround thread) but one car is in our garage needing a new alternator and hubby took the good car to work. Driving home, it overheated.He made it home, but had to borrow someone else’s car to go get the spare part he needed to fix the other car. You are looking at two people that are probably more maintence wise on cars than 75% of the people out there. We’ve never ever ever had two cars down at the same time.

Then my sister in law calls and asks if we want to go in on a gift for her Mom. This is after a discussion last year that we were not buying for adults anymore. I think we’ll buy her mom a nice new alternator for a 91 escort.

Hey Shirl, tell Skalnek that you want a good deal or I’ll sic my mom on 'em.

(Of course, Skalnek’s probably closed since I left, so it’s an empty threat, but you can try it it they’re there.)

Sigh…my husbands Grandmother is dying, which isn’t the worst thing in the world- they’re estranged and he isn’t upset about it. His mother, however, is inconsolable. I’ve been over there constantly for two days now. Poor lady…

Then today I found out that my psycho bitch sister (remember the paternity suit bitch?) is pregnant. And I’m not. :frowning:
That rots major.

Love is like popsicles…you get too much you get to high.

Not enough and you’re gonna die…
Click here for some GOOD news for a change Zettecity

Oh, Jesus, the psycho who thinks getting pregnant on purpose is a nifty way to make your man stick around?

As if there aren’t enough unwanted little anklebiters around today.

Zette, reading about your phsyco bitch sister comfirms my belief that evil people multiply twice as fast as nice people.
Wait a sec…I have 1.8 kids…hmmmm. I guess this means I won’t die young.