I'm home sick

I’m tired of this life ( I’m not suicidal if you were wondering) I just feel like our true home is in the beyond…after we “die” . I want to return to source, go home to god, this life is wearing me out…

Reported for forum change.

I think you’ll find most people on this board don’t believe in an afterlife, don’t believe in a God, and believe you will return to the ground when you die.

Personally, I’ll tell you that there is no soul. There is no afterlife. There is nothing when you die, just as there was nothing before your birth. Be careful what you hope for.

Dude! Buzzkill. :frowning:

Even assuming that there was an afterlife, you have no way of knowing if it’s better or worse than our present life. Possibly much worse. There’s not much point in longing for something you know nothing about.

I don’t think any current straight dope members claim to be posting from beyond the grave.
That means either spirits don’t have access to this forum, or worse, are condemned to lurk forever.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

People are just too much for you to face, huh?

I think it’s greener on the top side.

But some of us are a lot closer than others.

Moving this one to your new home, MPSIMS, not General Questions.

samclem, moderator

Are you homesick, or home, sick?

Perhaps the Rothchilds are making you ill.

According to Erma Bombeck, it’s greener over the septic tank.

Hey, life is hard. Afterall, it kills you.

That’s what I’m worried about: after I’m dead, I’ll still be able to read the SDMB, but whenever I think of the perfect reply to something, I’ll have no way of posting it!

For all I know, there’s a special Forum that can only be seen by deceased Dopers.

And she’s right, too. Well, at least the grass is greener over where the septic tank drains.

Truly a Hell. As for that sort of forum, no, we don’t have one of those. The best we have is sort of a housekeeping forum, where we shovel all the piles of spam.

Lekatt moderates that forum - its all happy and full of love.

If the OP is not just a drive-by spammer, then I would suggest seeing a doctor and getting on anti-depressants. Those sorts of thoughts are a precursor to suicidal actions.

Oh, please, can we create a forum on that premise? Pretty please?

There was such a forum, but it didn’t work out. Every single thread in there was instantly closed for being a zombie thread.