I'm I stupid for wishing I was white?

Man, I’m kinda light skinned and in my backwards thirdworld country people said I was “white” so it kinda got stuck to me and it’s a little difficult to take the “I’m not white” thing going on in the USA, specially since darkies like Ray Romano and Colin Farrell are white. Man, I wish I was a white guy and I love white woman, maybe they dont like me because I’m hispanic.

… uh…

What the fuck are you talking about?

I am light skinned. In the third world country where I used to live, people said I was white. Now I am in the United States, and it’s difficult to take people saying I’m not white, especially when dark-skinned people like Ray Romano and Colin Farrell are white. I wish I was a white guy. I love white women. Maybe white women dislike me because I am hispanic.

What I mean is that I am a coconut and I wish I was white.

Of course, I dont know about the coconut thing since I’m relatively light skinned, but I’m still brown because of my hispaniquivity.

Just be yourself, for fuck’s sake.

The hell? :confused:


Is that a word?

Someone’s seen too many Dr.Pepper commercials.

Anyway, what I do doesn’t have anything to do with the way other people look at me, expect me to be or force me to be.

And I cant believe you guys are like “what the fuck?”.

It’s not like I’m the only hispañicolo to secretly wish he was a whitestic. If you havent met an hispanic who thinks he’s blanquito you havent met an hispanic.

Stereotype much?

I am Hispanic, and I don’t “secretly wish he was a whitestic”.

I am who I am, don’t wish be anyone else.

It maybe true that white women, or women in general, don’t like you, but it’s not because of your skin color, but because your just a dumbass.

[sub]And don’t be dissin’ Dr Pepper, either.[/sub]

Dr.Pepper tastes like crap, and their commercials always have sweaty people.

BTW, where you born in the USA? It shows, since you are proud of your non-whiteness. Real Latinamericans want to be white, why do you think the census reports 84% of puertorricans to be “white”??? Chile is 98% white? Say it aint so! Anyway, you probably, being an american, dont know the difference between Mexico and any other latinamerican country and think coquis are green (if you’re Puertorrican).

Spram, welcome aboard(s). Now go out and find yourself some friends who don’t give a shit about external appearances. It sounds like you’re hanging with a buncha fuckwits if you’re so overwrought about the color of your skin.

If you’re in the San Francisco area, I can hook you up with a bunch of loving people who will accept you just the way you are (so long as you aren’t an asshole). Get over the whole race thang, it’s so last century.

Please, log off and don’t come back to post until you are sober.

Maybe they don’t like you because you don’t speak so good.

I’ve met plenty of Hispanics who didn’t grow up in the US and are very proud of their heritage, culture, and background. Just because you wish you’re white doesn’t mean all Hispanics feel that way. And it certainly doesn’t mean they’re not real Hispanics.

A lot of hispanics I knew (who came from Central America) called themselves white, simply because they didn’t know what the hell a ‘latino’ was until they came to the 'States. And all of them, to a person, are like “Who gives a shit?” Its better than being a LMH.

What is a LMH?

And everyone gives a shit. The 'States is the land of giving a shit about your race. Soon they’ll make us all wear the equivalent of stars of david in the nazi regime, I just want to be part of the winning team… Hey, if the italians could convince the white people they were white maybe I can. Now if only I came from the most important country in western culture… mmmmm…


Spram: You might be interested in knowing that one particular word you used in your OP to describe Romano & Farrell pegs the offensive word meter to the same extent that the “n-word” does.

You might also want to be aware that your last posting is just unadulterated bullshit.

Attention All Dopers: the Nazi Button has been pushed. I repeat, the Nazi Button has been pushed. Wildly inappropriate and nonsensical parallels have been put forth. Dopers are strongly cautioned to completely disregard anything the OP may have to say. On-going investigations into the mental stability of this OP have turned up evidence that he may be a wacko. Repeat: the OP should be considered wacked-out and disregarded at all costs. Reports on this crisis will continue to be broadcast as more information becomes available. Please disperse in an orderly fashion and return to your homes. That is all.

If it helps, I’m white and I’ve always secretly wished I was Latina. and Jewish. At least you are only dealing with one wierd racial longing.

Seriously, the OP isn’t well phrased, but it is something I have heard from a lot of people I know. Often it is just wondering about a different future. In someplaces, certain ethnicities get pigeon holed in certain ways. I have a friend who is half-white and half-Mexican. Where I grew up, there is great diversity and he probably wouldn’t think much of it. But in this town there is pretty much only white people and Mexican people, and the divide is pretty sharp. He often gets pigeonholed as one or the other and as a result he has an ambivelent relationship towards both sides of his heritage.

This kid looks like he just experienced a sharp loss of status. In his country, he seems to have gotten a lot of positive attention for his skin color. Around the world, white skin is still often held in high respect. Then he comes here, and suddenly he’s not only not on the top of the heap, he’s close to the bottom! Thats gotta be tough.

My advice, kid, is don’t lose track of who you are. A lot of us white folks are sitting here wishing we had roots- to the point that we will outright make up cultural hertiages. It may be hard to come to a country where there is so much diversity, but only one skin color seems important. Just know that on an individual level, a lot of people don’t care. And there are some cities and areas out there where being Latino means somethig completely different than what it means where you live. And there are pppppllllennnnttty of women that prefer some hot Latin action to anything else.