I'm Impressed...

The collective knowledge of Great Debate posters has established:

  1. The clear meaning, with scientific proof, for the H. in Jesus H. Christ.

  2. The need for a heavy metal band named Neutronium Collie.

  3. The existence of evangelical atheists.

  4. The futility of discussing anything without a shared frame of reference.

Only about half this post is intended as humor. What can you add?

Well gee, Poly. From seeing your posts, I’d say you’re a one-Book pony myself…

Let he who is without sin… Yadda, yadda, yadda…

Yer pal,

Probably some truth in that, Satan. I ran the OP off with a bit of humor. But, and here’s the probing question:

What is the most important thing that can be discussed on a Great Debates board? We clearly do not have a consensus on the reality, existence, nature, characteristics, etc. of God, a god, or gods. Since the presence or absence, nature, purpose, etc., of such an entity, if theistic as opposed to deistic, tends to influence everything else, it is a key point.

I have numerous other interests, and have tried to post to them and to start some other threads. And while I feel some sense of responsibility to evangelize, I realize that “witnessing” or proof-texting is about useless in this circle of discussion (as well as personally distasteful to me). Besides, I like arguing! :slight_smile:

Because, above all else, the Christian Right (by which I mean only those who are willing to kill in the name of life, crusade in the name of god, and pass laws forcing you to think like them, and I’m not condemning Christians as a group, because I know a lot of very nice and likable Christians, they’re my friends, and we argue occasionally. Just like I’m friend’s with Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, and Victorians).

Anyway, the reason very little else of importance you wish to discuss on this board is popular. God is a popular subject, simply because everybody’s heard about that and has definite opinions. Even on the SDMB, you’re not going to find too many people willing to go to the effort of actually thinking about a new topic and forming an opinion of their own (they might be willing to discuss it after an authority figure tells them what to think). Go ahead and e-mail me and anyone else you think might want to talk about your interests, and we can start our own forum, one that is a bit less prone to the unfortunate intrusion of people not up to SD snuff (I’m an elitist, so sue me) ;).

Well, if we look at just the titles on my first screen of “Great Debates,” we come up with the following:

Shoeless Joe-Has It Been Long Enough?
Giuliani vs. Brooklyn Museum
Fertility Drugs
The Money Pit (not the movie)
Second Language Ed.
Giuliani & critters
The Next Stock Mkt. Crash-When ?
If Germany and Japan won WWII
ADD: under/over diagnosed or ignored kids?
Breakaway republic in the U.S.A.
World Government
Hollywood/Madison Ave & Tokenism & Minority TV
MPD real or not or what?
Second Amendment Infringement
Is furt OK?
Who murdered Jon Benet Ramsey?
Public School Horror Stories
National Security & Personal Rights
Peace Corps
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Frozen Embryos, Humans or Not?
Important Subject That Must Be Answered (About Cartoon characters)
PePe La Pue…innocent cartoon, or stalker/rapist?
Hobbits’ Ears
Was Hitler Jewish?
Why conceal your gun?
Ouija board…harmeless toy?..or not?
Bill of Rights? What Bill of Rights?
Taco Time or Taco Bell?
Internet Relatonships
Jury of your peers
Dumb Measures in Schools After Columbine
Freedom of Speech outside the US?
Intelligent life out there?
A.D. vs. C.E.
Alien Abduction
Waco and the authorities
Capital gains tax

That’s a good number of “Great Debates” which are not about religion. Now then, let me just search your name and see the posts you have responded to recently…

(Side note: ACK! You’re in RALEIGH?!?!? Damn, why can’t a poster I WANT to meet live in the same city as I?)

It seems that you are involved in a lengthy debate about Cecil cheating… I never go to that board, actually…

Still, I think it’s fair to say that the overwhelming amnount of posts you STARTED Are of a religious bend. Which is fine, just don’t complain about others being stuck in a rut!

Such point as my OP had was to pick up on some rather wry comments that had developed from threads heading off topic. (“Neutronium Collie”!)

I’ve reacted to your and others’ comments on religious posts at http://www.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/000225.html
and I won’t blather on about them here.

I think I’ve posted to about a fourth of the threads you listed, more threads on other topics than on religion though probably more posts on religion.

Personally, I find your humor excellent, your wit very worthwhile, your comments cogent and usually to the point, and I’m sorry that my posts don’t meet that standard for you.

Buena suerte.

Oh, Poly… I have no qualms with your posts. I have no qualms with YOU either.

Your post just seemed to either:

(a) Claim that The Teeming Millions are kinda banal in subject -or-

(b) Claim that Religion was the only “Great Debate” that came up.

My two posts responded to both of those allegations. If I misinterpreted your OP, so be it. But I don’t think I misinterpreted YOU.