Message Board devoted to a couple of great debates.

No need really to reply to this post, just wanted to note that has started up their new message board. A couple of the forums jumped out at me.
Existence of God

Heck. Those two probably account for a significant portion of the threads in this forum.

The abortion threads I could also see working their way onto a board like that.

Anyway. Again, no need to reply to this post, just mentioning it since it seemed people here might find it interesting. A pure, virgin board with the number of total posts still under 100!

I registered over there.

We shouldn’t have to much trouble recruiting those people. I suggest the following strategy:

I will pretend to be a Creationist. Or better yet a “Young Earth” Creationist, they won’t be able to resist that bait. You act like you are having trouble refuting my lame arguments. I will start a bunch of threads about God and His Creation and when they jump on me I will flee over here and claim that I will only defend my ideas on the SDMB. You ask for their assistance and they will sign up. Trust me, I can be annoying enough to have them chomping at the bit for a chance to thrash me. By the time they realise that they were hoodwinked it will be too late. They will be hooked on the Straight Dope and they won’t be able to bring themselves to give it up. :smiley:

We don’t have to trust you on this, we’ve watched you.

Actually, while I think everyone should be free to post on whatever board they choose, your plan sounds a tiny bit as though it might be construed as trying to “steal” their posters.

Judging by other cross-board or cross-group migrations of posters I have watched, I would suggest that anyone who chooses to post there not engage in any activity for any other “purpose” than participating in their Fora.

“Migrations” and “invasions” are generally seen as hostile, even when carried out with the most innocent of intentions.

Oh, great. That’s what SDMB needs, another LBMB episode.

A sudden slew of meaningless spam threads. The entrenchment of the invasion force’s leader in a thread calling the army back home. The public drawing and quartering of SDMB’s best moderator. Hassle and chaos for days. Charges. Counter-charges. A blur of shit burgers in a cyber food fight.

Or does my memory of that episode deceive me?

Well, I’m registered there too. It is good to have a head start. 2sense, let the games begin!

God help us.

[Moderator Hat ON]

This thread is not a Great Debate, so I’m locking it. Just for the record: we do not approve of trolling on other message boards. If you wish to civilly contribute on other message boards, that’s great, but pretending to hold beliefs contrary to your own just to stir things up is the very defintion of trolling. Y’all may have been joking about the “games”, but for some reason we’re a little touchy about this sort of thing.

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