I'm in a smoking area. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE

I went out for lunch today for a walk around town and to check out what new DVD’s have been released.

On my way I decide to stop in for a kebab so I buy a paper and head towards a kebab shop. I eat the Doner and Taco chips and relax with my paper. I then lit up a smoke. I hear from a neighboring cubicle…

  • Excuse me, would you mind showing some respect?

  • Pardon?

  • I’m just about to start eating would you put that cigarette out

Now I should mention that the girl who was talking to me had a American accent so I assumed she was a tourist who was not familiar with Ireland and it’s smoking laws.

  • I’m in a smoking area. See the ashtrays on the table? There’s a non-smoking area further into the restaurant.

  • I’m not going to be dictated to by you. Now put out that cigarette of I’ll get a manager.

  • Knock yourself out.

The boyfriend(I assume) then enters the fray

  • Listen buddy stop being disrespectful and put the cigarette out.

  • Listen buddy I’m not disrespecting, whatever the fuck you think that means, anybody. I’m smoking in a smoking area minding my own business now move if your unhappy or stay. Just please stop getting on my case for something that I’m perfectly intitled to do.

So the manager is called and the two of them cause a shit storm in the place. Shouting and gesticulating and generally annoying everybody in the Kebab shop.

The manager is insistent that smoking is allowed in certain areas and they should move to the non-smoking area where the ventilation will stop them from being annoyed by smoke.

The fuckwits were having none of it. The phone no. of the main office was taken and the two left with a air of superiority and self righteousness :rolleyes:

If they are newly arrived tourists they’ve got a surprise in store when the go to sample the pleasures of the Irish Pub :wink:


Hmmm… at “Listen buddy stop being disrespectful and put the cigarette out.” I probably would’ve just punched him in the head. But hey… that’s just me.

I love this line right here, “I’m not going to be dictated to by you. Now put out that cigarette of I’ll get a manager.” If that’s the way she really said it… that’s really funny.

On the one hand, those people were obviously dickwads of the highest order. On behalf of more civilized American, I appologise.

On the other hand, I would never eat in a place with the name “Doner” in it. Ewwwwww. :wink:

That’s fucking funny.

I’d love to follow them round for a day or two. With a big stogie on the burn.

That’s as close to what she said as I can get.

I actually found it quite funny. The whole respect and disrepect cracked me up.

I should respect you, why? Was going through my head.

No need to apologize Trion. I don’t generalize. I’ve met plenty of very cool Americans including your good self and your better half :slight_smile:

As for the Doner thing it’s actually worst than it sounds. The “restaurant” is called Abrakebabra and it’s a bit of a shitehole to be honest but it was close and I’m not the healthiest person in the world. Good Taco Chips(Fries ;)) though.

Smoking in the smoking section? Even as a fairly strident anti-smoker, I’ve got no problem with that.

What a pair of self-righteous dipshits.

That’s a bit of a sweeping statement, isn’t it? (D’you see what I did there ;))

Anyway, would you mind not eating those taco chips near me? Have some respect, buddy. Old pal. Old son. And don’t disrespect my missus. You want to eat taco chips, you do it in the privacy of your own toilet, me old beauty, me old darling, me old fruit.

That really is obnoxious.

I would never say anything to a smoker in a smoking area - good that the manager backed you up!

You’ve got my sympathy. I’ve had almost exactly the same encounter, even down to accusations of lacking respect for other peoples rights.

Hell, at a party I threw I once had a complaint from some friend of a friend because people were smoking in the basement, which was interfering with her allergies. With the best will in the world what the fuck are you doing going to a big drunken party if you’re that sensitive to smoke?


Here in California, where smoking laws are somewhat Draconian, you can still smoke in outdoor sections of restaurants.

You should have smacked him in the head.

Heh. What a bunch of twits: did they by any chance have broom bristles sticking out of their butts? If you’re sitting in the smoking section, expect people to gasp smoke. If you sat yourself there, it’s your own damn fault. (Ashtrays on the table are dead giveaways: although to be fair there are places where it’s impossible to figure out where the two sections are without asking.) If the server sat you there, you simply ask to be moved to the non-smoking section like you requested to begin with. (Assuming that they did request non-smoking, if this isn’t a seat-yourself place.)

I may complain about smokers smoking in non-smoking areas, but I’m not going to complain about them smoking in a smoking area! :rolleyes: It’s like complaining that someone wore a tux/formal dress to a black tie event.

<< Rrrow. >>

Thanks yojimbo. :slight_smile:

I’m starting to become amused by the thought of these two nitwits wandering about Dubling, becoming more and more angry and strident until they fall to the ground, frothing at the mouth.

And then their heads explode.

Warms my heart.

If they were Americans, then the getting of the main office #, etc, was typical. Americans are used to businesses that will give them almost anything they want just to get them to shut up and/or bring their business back. If they were here, they’d just be mailed some
coupons and a form apology letter or some crap like that.

I hope they call that office and get laughed at.

By any chance, did they have California accents? I’ve always associated hyper-aggressive anti-smokers with California. That state has some pretty nasty laws on it, too.

As a American, I apologize for their “antics”. :o

I’m a non-smoker (actually ex-smoker, which is worse); I’ve been known to complain about people smoking where they shouldn’t, but complaining about smoking in the smoking section? - very odd - reminds me of the time my new shoes split along a seam, so I took them back to the shop to be told “Aha, but you’ve been walking in these shoes, haven’t you?”.

Yojimbo meet Scylla .


Man what little bastards. I really really hate people who don’t understand that there are different laws in different countries…

On the plus side they’ll be out of Ireland soon.

But to explain their point of view… more and more states and making it illegal to smoke in any public building (with the exception of bars). Texas is the first state I’ve been in where they still have smoking sections.

New York and New Jersey have smoking sections too, although in some establishments they seem to be getting smaller. Family-oriented restaurants tend to be non-smoking or at least largely non-smoking. Personally, I would hate being in an enclosed environment filled with smoke (for the last few years smoke tends to give me a headache). However, I agree that complaining about someone smoking in the smoking area is absurd.

One company that still allows smoking in its company offices is R.J. Reynolds, uh, excuse me, Atrium. But then it would seem rather strange if a cigarette company pursued a non-smoking policy!


Abrakebabra wouldnt have sitters.

It barely has shitters.

I would have LOVED to have been there…