I'm in Atlanta, where should I eat?

Long story to come, short version is that I’m in Atlanta through the weekend, I’ll probably have a bunch of time to myself, and I’d like to go eat someplace yummy but not outrageously expensive. Any suggestions?

I’m staying in the north end of the city, near 85 and 285, I do have a car at my disposal, and the only thing I don’t really like to eat is fish.

To all you Atlanta Dopers, I’m sorry I didn’t plan ahead enough for a get-together. But, I’m moving here in another three weeks (that’s part of the long story), so I hope that we can have a welcome-me-to-Atlanta Dopefest real soon!

Don’t live there, never eaten there, but everyone I know says The Varsity is a real Atlanta institution. Burgers, hot dogs, fries, onion rings–greasy and delicious. All these people I know come back from Atlanta raving about the place. You might want to seek it out while you’re there, but I’m sure some locals will be along soon enough with “nicer” suggestions.

The Varsity is glorious. Best chili dogs on the planet (you need to get at least two), insanely good onion rings made from Vidalia onions, and the Frosted Orange. It’s a chili-dogs-and-rings type place, so don’t go expecting a fancy dinner or anything, just damn good food.

To give you an idea: the Varsity in Athens, GA, during the first Gulf War, had the following on its billboard outside the restaurant: “THERE’S NO OIL SHORTAGE HERE.”

Other places: Fat Matt’s Rib Shack in Buckhead is a tourist favorite. It’s a little (okay, a lot) heavy on the hype, and it’s crowded, but the food’s not bad. I’m biased, natch, but I think Georgia BBQ is the best. Make sure you get Brunswick Stew if it’s offered. Apparently it’s not as common as I’d been led to believe.

I have no idea why people consider The Varsity’s output “food”. It is really 3rd class crap of greasiest type.

But, if you have to find out what “grease as food” is like, get on I-85 north, exit on Jimmy Carter Blvd and go right. (There are two “keep moving” signs and 3 always green right turn arrows. So don’t stop! Get a clue folks.) Take the 2nd right (first light). There’s a Varsity on the right. Not the same as the one downtown, but the food is just as awful.

If come to your senses, there’s an amazing variety of ethnic places in the JCB area. Thai, Mexican, Indian, etc. Any one of those is better. If you really like Asian, try instead the Buford Hwy area west of 285. As usual with any town on the planet, the more crowded the place, the better the food.

Man, I haven’t eaten at the Varsity since I was ten, and I still remember it. Those things are fabulous.

Hey, ftb, thanks. As it happens, I’m staying just off of Jimmy Carter Blvd. And, I’m moving here from the beautiful -and not humid- PNW. Are you around here also?

I think I’ll try one of the mexican restaurants tomorrow - they seem to be everywhere.

Welcome, hope you enjoy Atlanta. The traffic can be rough - especially on a day like today when they delayed clearing the dead body off of 400 ( really screwed up the rush hour) - but, it is a nice town.

I’ve only been through Atlanta twice, but both times I ate at a place on Peachtree Street (?). It’s a diner that starts with a “G”. When I was there the outside of the place was a shiny, reflective, silver kinda thing with neon lighting. I wish I could remember the name, “Gorman’s” or “Gio-----(something)”? I don’t think that’s it though. Maybe an Atlanta native knows of it? I remember the food being good and the “real” cherry and vanilla cokes beat the swill in a can that is widely distributed and carries the same name.

If you’re planning on going to the Varsity downtown, don’t bother. There’s a gas station very close with food that’s 10 times better. I could even cook up some gourmet Orville Redebacher popcorn for you that would hit the spot compared to the Varsity.

On the way to a Georgia Tech football game!

“What’ll ya have? What’ll ya have?”

Walk a glorified steak and ring it, gimme a peach pie and a P.C.!! :cool:

Curses! Make that Redenbacher

Ha! “Whaddaya have?” “Two naked dogs walking!” Yeah, you have to go to the Varsity at least once…and not a “little” one. If you are going to the “V”, then go to the “V”…the original one on North Avenue @ Ga Tech. And of course its greasy…it is hotdogs and onion rings and cheese steaks and fries and such. Legend has it a bunch of Tech guys walked up to the counter and ordered 200 hotdogs for a party and the counter guy didn’t blink…just yelled the order over his shoulder and asked if they wanted “fries or rings with that”…you gotta love it :slight_smile: Be careful though…there are 6 dining rooms and the TVs are dedicated to a specific channel…don’t end up in the FOX News room or you really might get sick. We go about once every 6 months or so just for the heck of it or when our teenage nephews come to town. Its a trip in itself! Disclaimer: I wouldn’t make a steady diet of it :eek:

For some good moderate restaurants Virginia Highlands is good; Atkins Park Deli, Murphy’s, Ma Li’s (Thai), Paulo’s (Italian Ice…yum)

For a really great hamburger, the Vortex on Peachtree is fun, its a block or so down from the Fox Theatre; Tamarind on 14th Street is really good Thai.

Midtown (East of Peachtree) you have Einstein’s, Joe’s on Juniper, Nickimoto’s (sushi) all good. Also Zocalo in that area is really good.

Dignan, I’m trying to think of the diner you are referring to but the only diner like you describe I can think of on Peachtree is Johnny Rockets. Sounds kind of like a discription of Buckhead Diner but that’s on Piedmont. City Diner is on Peachtree but a little further out. I’ll keep thinking.