I'm in love with Google

I know I’ve said some harsh words about them before. But, every time I’ve done that, I’ve always written them asking for them to fix the problem I was having. And every time they’ve fixed my problem. It’s a company that actually listens!

I complained about the TVTropes getting its ads pulled without notice being bad, so they instituted a prewarning system. I complained about the new YouTube start page not showing as many recommended videos–they added a Recommended tab. And here recently I complained about having my name instead of my email on Google’s menus, as I have multiple emails. And Google has just now fixed that.

Obviously, my request alone wasn’t sufficient, but it’s not like I take the time to complain about things that I personally don’t like–I always think about how others would feel, too. It warms my heart to know that there is a company out there that listens to its customers.

And, I just had to share.

But to make this threadworthy: what are your opinions of the company? Any companies out there that you also think really listen?

imho, companies that take care of their employees are more likely to listen to their customers. Google not only does both, but it’s founded on a philosophy that information should be readily accessible to anyone, anywhere.

I <3 Google so much I think I may be in a dependent relationship. When my gmail flibs up, the world monetarily stops. Ah, free unlimited email! Totally kicked hotmail and yahoo’s ass. I was sold.

I appreciate some locally owned shops. The Urban Mattress Factory in Denver is not only socially conscious (you can pick out of 3 charities where your that 2 per cent of total sales will go to) but the customer service is EXCELLENT.

Also, they gave me some pillow chocolates upon delivery.

gets comfy on her memory foam mattress

Oh - Amazon has great customer service.

Apple seems to be stuck on itself, but I hear the costumer service is great. shrugs I’ve never owned an iPod and I have a PC.

I’m quite pleased regarding their choice to stop bending over for the Chinese government.

While their reasons for moving to HK are not completely altruistic and there are some questions about this decision increasing the speed of Chinese internet isolation Google seemed to put their values ahead of their profit…and they are certainly losing their share of it on the Mainland due to this choice.