I'm in love with my gay male friend

I want to lose my virginity to him. I literally fantasize about it and I call his name out when I orgasm. We’re close enough to be comfortable around each other naked but obviously, since he’s gay, he probably wouldn’t want to have sex with me. We’ve talked about having a child together in the future, but I want to conceive it naturally instead of via turkey baster.

Should I tell him or would that scare him off? Or should I go for the gusto and strip down and start playing with him and see what his reaction is?

So you want a sperm bank that offers direct deposit :smiley:

Gay man here checking in.

Be honest with him about how you feel. He’ll probably tell you he’s not interested. It’ll help you get over your feelings hopefully, and you can continue being friends.

Do not try to get naked with him. That’s a preposterously bad idea.


And most likely, there will be a penalty for early withdrawl.

Being in love with him is the problem here, he isn’t going to magically fall in love with you if you give him an erection though he may give you sex.

Having sex with someone you love that does not love you back is incredibly problematic, particularly when one of you is a virgin. Doesn’t matter if they are gay, straight or somewhere in between.

If you care at all about this guy leave him and his dangly bits alone.

Hmmm… doesn’t seem to work either way.

Neither (for now). Perhaps some introspection is due as to why you are developing feelings for someone so abundantly unavailable. How long have the two of you been friends?

We’ve been close for about five years.

So, do you think he’s not really gay and you can “turn him straight?”

How old are you?

Both 23.

Are you ever interested in men who might be available to you?

No, he’s totally gay, I just want him to like me.

You could have a sex-change operation in Bangkok.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Not like you want. And you’re going to start resenting him for it, I suspect.

yeah, getting man-bits on impulse would certainly trigger a buyer’s remorse.

Okay, so how about these scenarios? I’m not trying to be funny or gross or be a troll or anything; I genuinely want to know what you guys think.

This is supposing we do try for a baby in the future. When he’s providing his “sample”:

a) He could manually stimulate himself but could I request that he physically penetrate me at the last second instead of depositing into a container? That way our child would be conceived naturally but he’d only have to have minimal contact with me.

b) If he insists on depositing into a container, could I request that I be the one to stimulate him?

For gay men on here, would those options completely horrify you or would you be open to them?

Also for the gay men, would you be a woman’s birthing partner, or would you be completely freaked out by it?

I guess all I want is to experience sex with him once. After that, I wouldn’t hound him for a sexual relationship. We would live together and raise our child, but there would be no sex, and I’d be satisfied with it if I could only experience him one time, preferably when our child is conceived. And if our child isn’t conceived on the first try, we’d go the artificial insemination route from then on.

Why would you want him to deny his own orientation and go against who he is just because you want him to like you?

Yeah, you need to wake the fuck up from whatever dream world you’re living in.