I'm in love with OPERA 7.01!

Having heard about it for months now, I finally got around to downloading Opera 7.01 for Windows.

This kicks ass! Why did I ever use Internet Explorer or Netscape?

Imagine, a button that says “Don’t allow pop ups.” You can tell it to load a page without all the images, which makes a huge difference if you’re still on dial-up like me. It can handle any kind of coding, and doesn’t crash and get confused like IE or Netscape.

And it’s so customizable. I’ve only played with it since yesterday, but I’m sure there’s a lot more for me to find out about it.

My only complaint so far: You can’t enlarge the text without enlarging everything else, at least not easily. I liked in Netscape how you could use CTL-] to easily enlarge the font, but it didn’t affect images on the page. OPERA uses a “zoom” function which enlarges everything. You can specify the font in the preferences section independent of zoom, but it’s not as convenient. If they add that feature to OPERA I’ll marry it!


At the risk of getting seriously typecast, since the majority of my posts seem to be about Opera (no vested interest I swear!). I have to admit that I am also a devote follower of this browser. I’ve been using it for year and it is eminently more customisable than IE or Netscape and has some fantastic features which the other mainstream browsers lack.

I admit that the zoom function doesn’t work quite like the ctrl [ & ] function in Netscape, but IMHO the keyboard shortcuts for this in Opera make it a very useful function.

I tried Opera, and I did like it, however, I do have a gripe about it. I like to play Yahoo! games, but when using Opera, instead of opening the gameroom in it’s own independent window, Opera opens it in a child window, which cannot be maximized to fill the screen. I find this annoying. If there’s a way around this, I’d sure like to know.